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lando 08-16-2004 07:45 PM

live rock
I am thinking about ordering some LR from 20 to 25 lbs. Any recommendations on what type? I am lookng at the Keys rock and Gulf rock. I like the colors of the keys, but like the life on the Gulf. Any suggestions?

jamal-188 08-16-2004 08:22 PM

Re: live rock

Originally Posted by lando
I like the colors of the keys, but like the life on the Gulf. Any suggestions?

IMO if you are going reef you may not want the life on the LR. Mantis shrimp and little evil stone crabs galore :evil: I can't even tell you how mnay snails I lost until I removed probably 6-8 stone crabs. EverytimeI thougth I got them all I find one late at night munching on a snail.

malkore 08-16-2004 11:32 PM

I had plenty of good hitch hikers on my keys rock from

and it's easier to add more life, than to catch mantis shrimp

philc21 08-17-2004 01:22 AM

wut type of rock do you guys think would be best to go with in avoiding mantis's and other bad hitchikers

EL Diablo 08-17-2004 01:55 AM

I got a ton of life in my 80pounds of Keys LR

I caught a Mantis in the bag the LR was in. Got lucky.

I dont think you can avoid a bad hitcher. Just accept that there is a good chance your going to get them.

You can keep'em or deal with them later. I kept them. Makes the tank interesting for now. you gotta take the good with the bad.

I hear something clicking away in the tank right now.
Mantis or a Pistol. I dunno,


saberry 08-17-2004 03:41 AM

I hand picked mine at a good lfs - cured for $6/lb. Hitchhikers on just 20 lbs included: bristleworms, turbo snail, and a porcelain crab. There were no mantis shrimp or other bothersome critters. I figure by the time the rock has been cured and sitting in a display tank at the lfs, most of those buggers have been removed.

malkore 08-17-2004 11:26 AM

I'd get the Keys rock from over the Gulf rock. more colorful, and you'll still get critters. plus the keys is aquacultured, which seems like it'll have some more interesting shapes.
also, a lot of people find that rock doesn't need any curing...they pull it from large holding tanks, pack it and ship it and in 20 hours you've got it with next to no die off.
the most ammonia I had was .25ppm, and I'm told my ammonia kit sometimes reads false positive for ammonia.

If you do order from them, call first, and talk to Mike about your tank. If its new, without any rock, they'll select larger rocks to help you build a foundation. If you're adding rock, he'll ship smaller pieces to help you finish it off.

RocketSeason 08-17-2004 12:22 PM

I talked to Mike Yesterday, VERY helpful guy. and because My LFS rock sucks so bad, is the place for me!

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