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PrettyFishies 01-03-2014 08:28 AM

Aquavitro products: Thoughts on balance and 8.4
I need to fix my PH problem and nothing I've tried has worked yet. My guess is that it's related to calcium and MG because I do not dose them.

My plan is to start with balance and 8.4 then add MG and see where I land.

Ideas or experience?

jeffaquarius 01-03-2014 09:33 AM

You need to post your parameter readings before anyone can make a suggestion.

Sniperhank 01-03-2014 10:30 AM

If you don't dose those parameters...what do you dose and why? It takes one heck of a SPS heavy tank to even require dosing to begin with. Weekly water changes are enough to support corals.

jeffaquarius 01-03-2014 12:44 PM

Regular pwc is the simplest way to maintain the level of those elements you are concerned with. You really have to know what you're doing when you start dosing. These Mag, Alk and Calc affect each other. The pH don't even have to be at 8.4 to attain a good balance. As long as Calc is at acceptable level and as long as Alk is not lower than 8 dkh I would leave it alone if pH is between 8.0 to 8.4. I use 1/2 teaspoon of pure baking soda per gallon on RO/DI in my ATO to maintain a stable alkalinity of 9 dkh on my 60 gal tank. A weekly pwc will replenish the depleting calcium.

PrettyFishies 01-03-2014 03:36 PM

Amm, Nitr 0
Nit 7-10ppm
Ca 340
Mg 1040
Kh 7
PH - 7.7 my meter, 8.4 at LFS w/ API (AFTER adding balance 3 hrs prior)

I'm going to re calibrate the PH Meter to start.

jeffaquarius 01-03-2014 06:17 PM

How much and how often do you do your pwc?

PrettyFishies 01-03-2014 06:36 PM

Weekly, 20g/~145g total volume

jeffaquarius 01-03-2014 07:00 PM

I would do large power changes until those 3 elements are close to acceptable level. If you need to dose later on, make sure your mag is at the right level first (between 1250 to 1320) then you can raise your alk before dosing calc. I just maintain my alk with baking soda to stabilize my pH and never have to dose calcium since the pwc will take care of it. More water surface agitation is the way to raise pH.

Fozzy225 01-04-2014 01:03 AM

Funny I just posted about this I ran a hose from skimmer outside it put me at 8.4 when I was at 7.8

PrettyFishies 01-04-2014 07:38 AM

I have concluded its a bad monitor probe and I ordered a pinpoint monitor to replace the Milwaukee setup.

I think my PH is actually fine based on both my and the LFS's API test results. I just didn't think to question the monitor.

I'm working on calc and MG, keeping an eye on Nitrate and phosphate. I guess I'm close to being able to add LPS since my nitrates are low. Ideally, I get them below 5 or 0. I have matrix rock in the setup but feel like it's not fully matured yet. I'll just keep up with the PWC and maybe get a more sensitive Nitrate test kit - recommendations?

Also, the LFS suggested I switch salt to Tropic Marin Pro because it contains enough calc and MG to not have to dose as often as my IO reef salt. Any experience with this brand?

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