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colejohnson73 03-06-2014 08:18 PM

Beta breeding
What can u tell me

jwh0818 03-06-2014 11:04 PM

When making a thread you have to be more specific. Also there isn't a need for 2 threads of the same kind. If it's in the wrong spot, a moderator will surely move it. Also I don't know much about betta breeding but it's a big task. You have to be cautious because one of the fish could die if it's done wrong. We have a great search function build into this site. If your on the newest app then click in the top left corner to open the menu and go down to search and type betta breeding. TONS of post like that and that's to help you wait while someone knowledgeable about betta breeding chimes in

IShallNtEatFish 03-06-2014 11:06 PM

Read these few

Like jw said and I said to your other post, it's not for beginners and you need to do your research

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