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newfrye 03-30-2014 01:32 AM

Julii Cory mating?
So I've had one julii Cory for a while now, with 4 emerald Corys. Well today I went and finally got some friends, 2 more julii Corys. Shortly after adding the newbies, the one I've had goes up to one of the new ones send starts shaking like crazy. Is that a sign of potential babies in the not to far off future? I'm not ready to be a fish grandpa, I've only had my tank for about 4 months.

Pamiam 03-30-2014 03:10 AM

youtube has some great videos on cory cats mating.

Pre-spawning activity includes males chasing females (can be the other way round), males 'dancing' to female, so just general interest in the opposite sex.

You will see when they are actually fertilizing the eggs because the male and female go into what's known as the T-position, where together they simply make the shape of the letter T. The female pushes on the mid section of the male, forming a T, getting him to fertilize the eggs.

Good Luck

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