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MattP725 09-11-2004 02:15 PM

Greedy Trigger...
What do you guys do when you have a greedy fish? I have a Niger Trigger that eats at warp speed to the point where no other fish have time to eat. I just got another Tang, after my last fiasco I want this one to live and so far he looks good. I can't net him every time I am feeding... what should I do? P.S. He is freakin fast...

RocketSeason 09-11-2004 03:46 PM

is it possible to spot feed the rest of your fish with a turkey baster???

MattP725 09-11-2004 06:43 PM

Can you feed pellets or flake with a baster? Just add water and pellets? There is only one other fish right now and he is brand new... he actually spit a pellet so I don't know what he likes yet. He is a yellow tang btw.

darb2 09-12-2004 07:48 AM

you need to clip some nori to the tank almost every day. Not sure if the trigger will go for the algae.

MYTY1705 09-13-2004 05:01 PM

Niger triggers will be quick to eat all the food. Try feeding him first for 5 minutes or so. Then about 5 minutes after that try feeding the other fish. Worked great for me till she learned to let the others eat too.

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