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corylover 05-02-2014 04:10 PM

cory egg care
ok based on my experience I had to separate them from my main tank carefully scraping them off with a razor blade at a 90 angle from the side of the glass and put them in a container like this with an air stone and 50% water changes 2 times a day:

the eggs will look something like this if they are fertile:
they take anywhere btw 3-5 days to hatch. for shorter time frame increase the temp to 80f-82f. they will look something like this when they hatch:
once they do you have to separate the hatchlings from the eggs because when you go to feed them the next day you will cause fungus to grow on the rest of the eggs. that means any good eggs you had wont hatch. my advice is to put them in a tuber ware like this:
it has holes made by a 6mm needle around the circumference and add an air stone for aeration. just one row midway. keep them in there till they are about this size:
and then you can safely use a breeders pin hard not net to keep them until they reach this size:
anywhere btw these 2 sizes you can put them in a 10g tank and they will do fine. on this later size is when you can give or sell them to your lfs.
good luck and be patience it took me 3 months to get them to selling size.
p.s I use dried brine shrimp cubes, dried tubifix worm cubes, flake food, sera micron(fry food), and algae wafers. all grounded up to fine dust. to make a batch its 1 brine shrimp cube, 1 tubifix cube, 1 pinch flakes, a good sprinkle of the sera micron and 2 algae wafers. this has worked better then live brine shrimp and is good in protein and everything they need. also helps when I sell them that when they get bought the owner can give them anything and they will take it. oh I also put some small bites of seaweed from the fish store also.

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