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Sheldon.Winters 05-26-2014 06:05 PM

Future tank plans
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going to be moving soon so i can only plan but i got big plans for the new place, can't wait. For now playing with rhino and aqadvisor will have to suffice.

plans start with a tall 50 gal and a 29 gal with angles in the 50 and german rams in the 29. maybe if i start with a 50 with a few rams in a community than grow my tanks from there. i also want to get a 90 gal community tank. set up shortly after. planting them all, getting Co2 for the 90 not 100% sure about Co2 in the 29 and 50 because i wana use them to breed eventually but to help get some quick growth early on.

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about a billion aquascape ideas for the 29 and 50 but in the 90 i know i want a lava rock mountain and with a 2 stage sand waterfall and river from the corner. some driftwood and moss trees. lots of open water for a big school of rummy nose tetras and a larger piece of driftwood to keep a pleco from messing up the trees

i want to eventually get a breeding pair of rams and angles in their own tank (rams in 29) and (angles in 50) with some dither fish and try to get them to raise their fry leaving some room in the 90 to grow out some fish even grow out in each others tanks because the use opposite areas of the tank.

Delapool 05-31-2014 11:15 AM

Nice ideas! Just in case I've found high power LEDs get hot under hoods. Yours look open at the top which I think a nifty idea for mine. I've thought about seeing if I can bore a hole for a computer fan or 3 but haven't got around to it (except for finding a lfs that stocks).

Sheldon.Winters 05-31-2014 12:35 PM

for my lighting i plan on using string lighting and cfls, splitting that aluminum dryer vent stuff for a reflector. i know its a lil "grow op ish" but uber cheap and isn't that part of the idea behind diy. part of the reason its all open is to make sure that the cfls dont get it to hot in there.

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