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Macscale 06-20-2014 05:50 PM

What does it really take to become a Staff member?
Hey everyone,
Now id like to start this off by saying one thing: In no way am I asking for a position, I am solely curious of AA's process of becoming a moderator.

I'd assume that you guys have received multiple threads of this type over time. However I'd also assume that the standards change over time.

Now obviously, however these users are chosen, the process does a good job, because we obviously have top notch moderators here at AA.

Another fairly obvious point is that becoming a moderator is a huge privilege and in no way offers anyone the right to be disrespectful, though sometimes Good cop/Bad cop must be played. I'm assuming that the time is completely voluntary too?

Lastly, they probably have to have a 100% clean track record, right?

melosu58 06-20-2014 10:12 PM

The standards have not changed. It has always been the same. The top priority is how does this person conduct themselves on the site. Are they friendly and courteous? Do they follow the site rules and exhort others to follow them? Do they have a long fuse and dont get excited or mad over the least little thing? Do they show leadership qualities in getting folks to do the right thing? Secondly is how knowledgeable that person is in the hobby. Does the person give good advice? Do they take advice as well as give it? Remember there is no one way to do things in this hobby. A good talker and a good listener is needed. The first part is more important than the second but they are both needed. If you have several warnings because you did not read the rules you probably wont make it. We always do have our eyes open looking for a few good folks. Good luck.

melosu58 06-20-2014 10:19 PM

And yes it is voluntary. No one gets paid as a mod or admin. Also there is no bad cop here. Everyone we use as a staff member has done great and we would not have done it any different. The staff here is top of the line. Thread closed.

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