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Maridia 06-27-2014 03:15 PM

210 Gal tank equipment?
Hi all, just wanted to post that I just got a 210 Gal tank with 40GB sump. I got a very good deal. Since this will be a project that will take awhile, in other words, I will be getting the equipment piece by piece. I just wanted to know what size of equpment to get? I have a 55G Salt, and 55G Cichlid. All is well there and I have a good understanding as to what I will need. I'm just having trouble with the size. Anyone with exp on tanks this big, can you offer some advice?

Note: I plan on starting out with FOWLR, but will want corals later. So any LED light suggestions are appreciated as well.

1. Skimmer
2. Heaters, how big and how many?
3. Return Pump (tank has dual internal OF)
4. UV Sterylizer and Carbon Reactor are optional
5. Power Heads (how big and how many?)
6. Plan on getting LED lights eventually (that should be very pricey)
7. Any other recommended equipment?
8. Is a 40GB sufficient for a sump that can house my equipment? It comes with my tank and stand, should I invest in something bigger to have a refugium? The owner says that a good skimmer can handle a fully loaded 210G. Will a refugium be necessary?

Of course I will have plenty of LS and LR when the time comes. But for now, I'm more concerned with getting the equipment. Thanks

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