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Endless hate 10-15-2014 09:23 PM

Maroon clowns
Guys I need help... I have gotten My maroon clown pair 3 month ago, they live happily together and doesn't fight a lot. Yesterday I add a RBTA to my tank and the female clown (4 inch) host it right away. Today, the male (1 inch) tried to go near it and the female started to harassing him. The male did the shiver thing and kiss the cheek but the female keep on attacking. Should I remove the RBTA or keep it in the tank and see what will happen?

54seaweed 10-16-2014 08:17 PM

maroons are like that very aggressive and possessive they'll have there spat and things will change , you need to get some kind of distraction (use clowncoligy) lol

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