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Jessethebody101 10-10-2004 05:01 PM

Reef Tank Advice
I am very intrested in reefkepping but I do not know anything about it.What are the essentials needed.You have to have special lights and certain water flows needed right?I am intrested in soft and hard corals,so can you mix?I am looking for anemones and other amazing looking corals.I have 5 other setups so I have experience in SW,but not really in Reefkeeping.I am also planning to have a decent amount of reef-safe fish in the tank.I would also stock this tank with a lot of live rock so it piles up.The tank sive would be approximately 55-90 gallons.Thx!

lando 10-10-2004 06:26 PM

It is not really all that hard. You do need to keep your water parameters at a much higher standard then with FO tanks. You will need a lot of LR. 1.5-2 lbs/gal. should be good. This will add in keeping water parameters high and provide a reef base for corals. You will also need to upgrade your lighting. If you plan to keep soft corals like mushrooms, polyps, starts, xenia, leathers you may be able to get by with CF. I have a 72 gal. tank with 260 watts CF lighting and I keep a wide variety of soft corals and LSP corals. I do not keep a top on my tank so I get better light penetration with the CF. If you plan to keep SPS and high light anenomes, you will need to look at MH lighting. To get started, add the LR and get your lighting in order. Make sure your tank is stable and start adding some of the hardier corals. Mushrooms and polyps are great for beginners. Just build up slowly from there. Be careful, it is very addicting. I never had an interest in reef keeping until I bought a hairy mushroom colony to see if I could keep it alive. today I still have that colonoy and many, many new additions. I would pick up a copy of "Aquarium Corals" by Eric Bornemean. It is a bit scientific but packed with great info on reef keeping. good luck and have fun...Lando

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