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fish wrangler 09-19-2015 07:49 PM

AC 50 rattling...
I moved my 20L sw QT tank into my room so I could keep a closer eye on fish in it. Last week I moved my fw 20L up, and the only difference in equipment is the heater. They both have AC50's, but for some reason the sw AC50 rattles as bad if not worse than my TopFin 30. I have tried cleaning the impeller, restarting the filter, and cleaning the motor area to no avail.
I also tried running with no media to see if that did anything, and it still rattled.

Any ideas as to whats up and how to fix this?

I really don't want to buy another AC50, but if I don't have any other options I will. That or I'll get a comparable filter.

coralbandit 09-19-2015 07:59 PM

Sometimes the impellers can be the issue?
If it is not too much trouble try swapping the impellers and see if that makes a difference.

fish wrangler 09-19-2015 08:07 PM

I'll have to try that after dinner. I was doing a little reading and I might try Vaseline on it too.

fish wrangler 09-19-2015 09:28 PM

Flipped impellers and it was still rattling. I ended up using some Vaseline on it, and its as quiet as a mouse. I'll post back here on how long this fix lasts for.

Fresh2o 09-19-2015 10:03 PM

AC 50 rattling...
It could be the impeller or the impeller shaft.
I had an AC50 that was silent and a I bought a second one and it was insanely loud. I swapped the impellers and ended up with two pretty quiet AC50s. Not silent but far better than it was.
Edit: Oooops...I just saw that you flipped impellers.
Perhaps remove the impeller shaft and reseat it?
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fish wrangler 09-19-2015 10:32 PM

How do I remove the impeller shaft? I figured out the impeller, but it didn't seem like the shaft came out.

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Fresh2o 09-19-2015 10:38 PM

Use a pair of needle nose pliers. Cover the "teeth" of the pliers with cloth so you don't scratch the smooth surface of the metal shaft (in case you plan on using it again).

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fish wrangler 09-19-2015 10:38 PM


It is rattling again, but not as bad. If all else fails the tank is banished to the basement again.

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Leeatl 09-19-2015 10:56 PM

I have a Fluval C 4 and sometimes the lid rattles. I just need to move it a little and it stops . May be the same thing for you? Just a suggestion .

fish wrangler 09-19-2015 11:33 PM

Seems better now, but I can definitely hear it still. This is after removing the lid

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