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ADFlove91406 10-12-2017 09:49 PM

My male African dwarf frog willow
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Attachment 304351 hi this is my male African dwarf frog willow he's very special to me because he survived a bacterial infection That's why he's in such rough shape. The infection left him a bit crippled I don't know if he has eyes are not the The spot that his eyes should have been are just white but he's doing much better he used to not eat and use the flow to the top of the tank the bacterial infection did cripple One of his back legs I watch him very carefully and closely each day and he's doing way better.

Autumnsky 10-19-2017 01:17 AM

Are you familiar with water testing and the nitrification cycle? Is he in a cycled tank with a filter and a in warm room or with a heater?

What size tank is he in? They love to have friends to pile up on and hang out with!

An adjustable temp heater is the best, but a set temp one will work too. ADF do very well with a bit of warmth. ~75F is a nice temp. If a room stays warm due to a heater/furnace that is good too. Just be careful in summer with the AC on or in a room in winter that gets really cold.

You might even hear strange noises from him if he tries to call a female. Do a search for the mating sound they make! Kind of an odd buzzing noise.

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