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selenazamoraa 05-25-2018 12:36 AM

Male betta head swelling

I own a male veiltale betta, I have had him since last August and his health has sort of gone up and down since I've had him. Right now I think this is the worst he has been as his whole "head" I suppose is pretty large and his scales are pineconing out, there is also some white fluffy clumps coming out of his head in some areas. He stays near the top of the tank majority of the day and doesn't swim around much at all, he does eat like normal.

The tank parameters are 6.5 pH, 0 nitrites and nitrates, temp is at 77 Fahrenheit right now and I am unsure of the ammonia.

Right now there is two male guppies in the tank with him (I know that's not the best)

The tank is 3.5 gal, it's using the Top Fin "Element" filter, I do the water changes about once a week lately and that includes vacuuming the gravel, I do about a third of the water when I change it.

About a month ago I added in live plants and took out any fake plants or decorations I had in the tank, as well as adding in real wood. The water went very yellow as expected but I read that it doesn't harm the fish but I am concerned that the sudden water change might have? I took the wood out last week and the water is back to normal colour but thats when the betta fish started swelling and here I am.

I feed the fish normal tropical mini pellets and occasionally dried shrimp but very rarely since they dont like it that much.

Very worried for my fish I will take any help I can get as I am still trying to learn about how to best take care of this little guy

Thank you :)

Angellove78 05-25-2018 09:47 AM

I'd test the water and retest the nitrate. If you don't have nitrate the tank is not cycled, and will do a lot of harm. Need to get ammonia tested too. Make sure he's in clean good water and try this: ( this is what I did for mine ). Should help. It worked for me.

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