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Gonzo82 01-06-2005 10:27 PM

Problems with browser
I am a user of the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. This browser is much better than IE. No popups, setting cookies, and you can see everything that is downloaded to your computer, but that is a different story. I was wondering if it is just my computer or if this is what should be happening. I opened the page in IE and it worked fine. But i really dont like using it, constant popups. Is there any way that i can upload using Mozilla or am i going to have to use IE. I love this sight and i would be even happier if i could utilize all of its features. This is in no way a complaint and i will use IE if i have to but i really enjoy Mozilla, much better experience when using the net.

jenpc 01-06-2005 10:28 PM

I use this site with firefox on my PC and my Mac...I have no problems. Make sure you have the newest version of Firefox.

Jchillin 01-06-2005 10:30 PM

I'm using Firefox right now. Do you have it set as your default browser?

jenpc 01-06-2005 10:34 PM

I am using it too...default isn't the issue. I know they have updated their browser a ton of times in the last couple months. I am also a computer tech when I am not fish watching...what version is it?

reefrunner69 01-06-2005 10:35 PM

I'd also check firewall and privacy settings, I do not use IE, but I have used netscape, firefox and have used Opera for the last year or more and have had no issues uploading anything to the site.

Gonzo82 01-06-2005 10:43 PM

what do my firewall and privacy settings need to be? I don't think i have changed much as far as the settings go. I am also running a pretty new version, i got it about 2 weeks ago but i havent checked for any updates. I have no idea what the problem is.

reefrunner69 01-06-2005 10:48 PM

What exactly are you trying to do, and what exactly is happening?

Gonzo82 01-06-2005 11:14 PM

when i go to the gallery page the upload photo link is not there. When i use it on IE it is.

fishfreek 01-06-2005 11:21 PM

I reguarly upload photos in the gallery with firefox.

Jchillin 01-06-2005 11:24 PM

What appears in the spot instead?

Gonzo82 01-06-2005 11:40 PM

Nothing at all. I dont know what it is doing.

reefrunner69 01-06-2005 11:45 PM

Delete all your cookies on fmozilla and then log back in, try logging in from the gallery page, if that doesn't work, delete all your cookies again and log in from the forum page. This is a cookie/session problem.

jenpc 01-07-2005 12:02 AM

Maybe your at at your maximun allowed space for uploading?

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 12:08 AM

He apparently has not uploaded any photos, so spce is not an issue. If you click his, view my gallery link, there is nothing there.

jenpc 01-07-2005 12:10 AM

Sorry I am grasping. I didn't look to see if he had any. I however use this browswer on both my Windows XP machine and my Mac OS X laptop and have never experienced the upload button not showing up.

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 12:13 AM

Like I said, it's a cookie/session error, we have had this happen with IE as well as other browsers. Another possibility is if he has recently joined a regional forum, might be that the gallery permissions weren't set for the regional forum.

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 12:14 AM

doh, if the upload link is there in IE but not wouldn't be a permission thing, it's a cookie/session problem. I imagine that deleting the cookies and logging in again will work fine.

jenpc 01-07-2005 12:18 AM

Yeah that was why it was frustrating...I mean to show up on the same computer on one browser and not another would normally mean a compatibility issue with the website and the browser, but Firefox works great for the rest of us.

Gonzo82 01-07-2005 01:07 AM

i tried deleting the cookies but it still is not working. Jen the version is 1.0 . I also tried logging in from the different places but still no dice.

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 01:31 AM

I logged you out, changed your password and then logged in as you (please check the email you signed up with for your new password, and then change it immediately) from the home page. I had no problems whatsoever uploading a photo to our server, in your gallery using firefox 1.0. There is either a setting on your computer, or in your browser that is preventing you from uploading pics.

Please provide the exact url you are using to access the site

Make sure when you log in you have it set to accept cookies, it's possible that you are actually not logged in when you visit the gallery.

revhtree 01-07-2005 01:41 AM

I am also using firefox. The only issue I am having is with the quote tags. When I go to quote something, and click the quote button, it puts one [quote] at the end, and nothing at the begining. :?

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 01:47 AM

I think it does that, even on IE, it will always put any tag where the cursor is the furthest along, not sure if that any sense to you, but if you type one line of text, hit enter twice (skip two lines) and then move the cursor back to the beginning of the test, when you hit the quote button it will show up two lines below the text. and that button should now have an astrick, this tells you it's waiting for you to tell it where to close that tag. paste your quote, then click the button again and the /quote tag should appear, at the end.

revhtree 01-07-2005 01:51 AM

Ok I can see that. Here's the thing, I just switched from IE 2 days ago. In IE all I did was copy what I wanted to quote, paste it, highlight it, and click the quote button. It worked like a charm everytime. Thanks for the info RR.

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 01:57 AM

Ah, I see what your saying, that as well as the other javascripts only work correctly in IE. I've used netscape, firefox and opera and the javascripts don't work for those browsers.

Jchillin 01-07-2005 09:33 AM guys really stayed up late trying to solve this issue. I have a problem similiar to Revhtree's but with a little diligence, I found a way around it. When I try to quote small portions of a post, I wind up with the whole post. Arrggghh! I do have beginning and end quote tags, I just delete what I don't want (leaving the beginning and end quotes in) and I get it that way. This is a recent occurrence and didn't happen when I first signed up.

Kevin - For what it's worth, Java has an update (can't remember version now - at work right now). I'll check when I get home.

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 09:39 AM

Java and Javascript are two different things, updated java will not make the javascript work right.

jenpc 01-07-2005 10:20 AM

I am sure it has to do with the browser not thinking you are logged in. That is the only time the upload button doesn't appear.

reefrunner69 01-07-2005 10:32 AM


I am sure it has to do with the browser not thinking you are logged in.
Agree. Do you know where the cookie preferences are in firefox and can you post what yours are so gonzo can make certain his are set correctly.

jenpc 01-07-2005 10:40 AM

With Windows XP and Firefox it's as follows:
and then there is a place where you can choose Cookies and turn them off or on or clear them.

He may want to go to that same spot, under Cookies is Cache, and clear his cache.

xray 01-21-2005 12:49 PM

I have also had problems with firefox. When I try to quote someone it wont work. I highlight the text and click qoute and nothing happens. I now use IE only for this site. Fire fox is my default browser but I have a link on the desktop for IE with this site as the homepage. Takes me right there logs me in and I'm ready to go. I am still having problems uploading pics but thats another thread. :?

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