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sunryze 02-28-2005 10:10 AM

dead tang
:cry: noticed the tang (3") looking and acting weird , hiding , shy etc. kept a watch coral beauty acting the same way , noticed some white spots/film on her and qt'd all 8 fish to a seperate tank and treated with "GREENEX " as per lfs advise , ...
QT tanks levels are perfect

this morning i have 3 dead fish , yellow tang , coral beauty (2") and a pajama cardnial (1") , :cry: the tang looks like his skin melted off its snout and gills were shot ,,

tank mates left are ... 2 -(2") maroon clowns , 2 -(1") spotted pajama cardnials , 2 -( 1")green cromis .( 1 looking sluggish)...

in display tank is , 1-coral banded shrimp, 1 arrow crab , 6 hermit crabs , 1 mandarine goby , 1 purple slug , 1 brittle starfish , 1 turbo snail ,,,,,, fake or bleached coral and 2- 6" peices of liverock with baby feather duster only on it ,,,,,,,,,,,,HELP PLEASE

quarryshark 02-28-2005 11:09 AM

First, sorry for your loss. :(
Second, what size qt tank?
Third, this sounds a lot like marine velvet and greenex is not going to cure the problem. You really need to get it out of there (via large water changes and GAC) are use a good copper compound like cupramine and the seachem mulitest kit. Greenex is a very harsh drug and cupramine would serve you much better.
What are the SPECIFIC water parameters, PH, ammonia and nitrite? With all those fish in one qt tank poor water quality may also have contribute to the problem.
Here is some further reading on velvet.

lando 02-28-2005 11:27 AM

What are your water parameters in the QT?

steve-s 02-28-2005 11:34 AM

What was the last fish added and how long ago?


sunryze 02-28-2005 06:44 PM

thanks for the help in advance and ill try to answer all in order ;


what size qt tank?
its a 10 gallon and they were only in it last night when the 3 came up dead so they must of died during the night , i know its too small but they are all under 2" and its all i had here empty. a bigger one is comming home friday


What are the SPECIFIC water parameters
amonia 0
nitrites 0
nitrates 10
ph 8.2
sg 1.023


What was the last fish added and how long ago?

last thing added was a coral banded shrimpand an arrow crab and a peice of rock , 3 days ago and a mandarine goby within 2 weeks?? im horrible with time frames , so now i have a calendar set up for the tank, , other then that nothings been added for 3 weeks when all the fish went in > i know, i know it was way to quick and way too many , but found out much to late , the lfs told us it was okay to add all those fish due to the size of the tank ( we bought everything at Elmers Aquarium in Pittsburg)
I would never have done that with my african tank , , am totally clueless to salt ,and i listened to a salesman , :oops: ,, i know better , but we went out of town to this place due to its "GOOD"reputation,,, sigh.... :oops:

everyone else seems to be doing fine ,,, so far

sango 02-28-2005 07:54 PM

I keep a log of everything on my puter. You might want to set one of these up yourself. That way you can keep track of when you put a fish in and when was the last time you tested your water.

sunryze 02-28-2005 08:48 PM

this thing crashes to much for that ,lol papers much better , i test everyother day sometimes more sg daily due to being parinoid :D

steve-s 03-01-2005 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by sunryze
and a mandarine goby within 2 weeks??

So the mandarin was the last fish added? How long since the one before that?

I am trying to get a timeframe as to all the fish in sequence. I'm not sure what parasite your dealing with at this point but I'm suspecting Brooklynella. Do the fish that survived show a cloudy film hovering around them or red sores?


sunryze 03-01-2005 12:05 PM

sorry it took so long to respond , but as i am watching the hubbys salt tank i have been just glancing at the other tanks making sure all is wonderful , and had a large population explosion in my convict tank,,, :D :D
so anyway ,


mandarin was the last fish
yes he was the last fish

i went into my checkbook to get dates for ya ,LOL heres how things went:

jan 30 tore down 125 gal.african cichlid tank and traded all for salt setup .

jan 31 , set up salt tank using birospiro( as per fishguy at elmers)

feb 4 , put 7 fish in ,( 2 clowns , 2 cromis , 3 cardinals (from elmers)

feb 5 , put in tang & coral beauty ( lfs)

feb 11 , added 6 hermits, purple slug , mandarine goby , 1 rock (lfs)

feb 23 , added coral banded shrimp , arrow crab i rock w/ turbo snail hitchhiker ( lfs)

feb 26 saw fish acting sluggish at top of tank 9pm ( tang coral beauty)

feb 27 , put all fish in qt ( except mandarine), bought greenex , treated

feb 28, 3 dead ( coral beauty , tang , cardinal)


show a cloudy film
all remaining fish now acting , eating fine , no signs of anything wrong ,

cycle went smooth , only prob was ph went down to 7.8 , brought it up with water change which i do weekly , 5-10 gallons , we have well water in the house with a ph of 8.0 , run a uv light and softener on it anyway because I'm paranoid :oops: , when the uv died last week i bought distilled water to replenish the evap in all my tanks , it really lowered the ph everywhere. but its at 8.2 now ,
nitrates are at between 5-10 ,
nitrites and ammonia still at 0
ph is 8.2 ,
sg is 1.023 ,

only difference in qt and display tank is sg in display is 1.024 and ph is 8.4 , temps in both tanks are at 78,, no carbon in qt .

sunryze 03-01-2005 12:10 PM


only difference in qt and display tank is sg in display is 1.024 and ph is 8.4 , temps in both tanks are at 78,, no carbon in qt .

:oops: sorry its the QT that is ph 8.4 and SG 1.024

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