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lasek2k1 03-31-2005 10:55 PM

Tank Raised vs. Wild
I was wondering what you people think would be a better choice for clownfish.

I like tank-raised because they are hardier but I also want a wild clown so I have a better chance of pairing them up with an anenome.

And as for choice of clown, which would be better: an O. or a true perc. I'm going to add a bi-colored blenny down the road once my algae is where I want it to be. I perfer a perc becuase they stay a little bit smaller but I also would like the O. because I won't have to worry about the clown showing aggression to the blenny when he gets in.

I'm really in a predicament so any help would be greatful.

EJS4 04-01-2005 12:00 AM

Not to change subject but I'd get the blenny first. lots of character. Why are you waiting for algae before getting blenny?

X the Outsider 04-01-2005 12:17 AM

Tank-raised seem to do better than wild caught clowns. Tank-raised are very hardy, and healthier. Not too mention tank-raised aren't being taken from the ocean.

As far as a blenny with clowns I wouldn't see a problem with them. What size tank is it? Also Bicolor Blennies do very well in an established tank because they thrive with a good source of microalgae.

lando 04-01-2005 11:08 AM

Go with tank-raised. Many people here (including myself) have had success with an anemone hosting a tank-raised clown. It is always a crap shoot though.

lasek2k1 04-01-2005 04:17 PM

Looks like I'm going with tank raised. Thanks for the insight everyone.

On a side note, I'm going to get the blenny later because my algae isn't very 'developed' for him. My tank is in a well lit room with shades covering the windows and there is no direct sunlight on the tank. So the only algae I really have no is LOTS of diatoms. They even took over some of the hair algae. So I'm either going to get phosban today or just do a water change with distilled water from now on. So I really don't want my blenny feeding off diatoms. But thanks for your concern.

JPloman 04-01-2005 04:37 PM

I would always go with tank raised fish over wild ones.

Someone told me not too long ago that some people capture fish by using poison! I just am horrifed by that! Thus I will never again look to buy wild fish again.

skipm 04-01-2005 10:50 PM

Whenever possible buying tank raise is the responsible thing to do as an aquarist. Not to mention the fact that they are hardier, are adapted to aquarium life, feeding is not a problem, and they are not being removed from a reef. As far as true percs or the ocellarous clowns that is a matter of preference, I think either one would do equally well. HTH, Skip

JG 04-04-2005 07:07 PM

tank raised - for sure. Hardier , heathier, happier. Both percs and Oscellarus are nice, but I'm also a huge fan of the sebae clowns - they're really sweet.

quarryshark 04-05-2005 12:17 AM

Agree, tank raised for certain. For all the reasons already stated and more ofter disease free.

Morticus 04-08-2005 12:30 AM


Originally Posted by JPloman
Someone told me not too long ago that some people capture fish by using poison! I just am horrifed by that! Thus I will never again look to buy wild fish again.

It's called cyanide, but it isn't used to capture clownfish because they are so easy to catch by net, or even hand. But even without use of cyanide 90% of wild caught clowns die before making it to the lfs, and 90% of those don't make it past acclimation into the hobbyists tank. (Taken from 'The Concientious Marine Aquarist' by Robert Fenner.)

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