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luckycat 04-09-2005 12:14 PM

Can you redirect MH lighting?
I don't have room above my canopy for an MH light..but was wondering about this - what if you mount the lights above the tank, but behind it, directing light forward, then placing a mirror strip or several mirrors to redirect the light into the tank? This could do two things: 1) keep the MHs out of the canopy where heat would normally build up, and 2) force you to construct a smaller, more focused reflector in the MH hood to concentrate more of the light on the mirror.

Do you lose much lighting intensity or change the lighting spectrum when bouncing off of a mirror? Is this a bad and/or crazy idea?

For that matter, what about a lighting kid in the stand that transfers light via fiber optic to the top of a tank? Maybe too narrow..I don't know I'm literally thinking "outside the box", the box being the canopy.

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