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reefrunner69 10-14-2002 09:11 PM

Gainesville hobbiests..."Aquatecture"
Aquatecture of Gainesville
6623 SW Archer Rd
Gainesville, FL

Well, I found a new LFS in Gainesville today. I think this is the one Bette told me about a couple of months ago, but I never could find it untill today :oops: Anyway, I spoke to one of the owners and he let me take a couple of pics for this review, but to be honest the ones I wanted to show you, really didn't come out. I would give the store a B+, it is large enough, but it's location makes it difficult to find. There sign is not large enough to be noticable from the highway. When I got there as their doors were opening, I noticed they did not stock alot of drygoods, but had alot of fish and inverts (when asked, the owner told me their delivery on drygoods is on Tuesday :roll: ). I noticed a shallow acrylic aquarium they were setting up (they do their own acrylic work), and an enclosed water garden. I was not that impressed, when I asked if they planned on expanding, the owner showed me the other rooms, that contained many more tanks, both fresh and salt. They obviously cater to more of a Saltwater crowd, than F/W, cause they had 2-3 times as many S/W tanks as F/W. The store was clean, the owner seemed knowlegable and helpful. He had a tank full of SPS frags (from his personal tank) that he was selling for 14.99 each, I bought 2 and he gave me a deal :D The frag tank is pretty uncommon in this area. The tanks needed cleaning, as there was some diatoms on the front, but I'll make allowances, cause I was there as soon as they were. This store is way better (with better prices) that the other LFS in G'ville that deals in S/W. I guess I'll have to post the address back, I was so excited about my frags, I forgot to get a card :oops:

OK, the first pic is the sign to look for as your traveling down Archer Rd, the store is in a selfstorage place, the frontage is warehouse/businesses, about 2-3 miles west of I75. The second pic is the stores sign, above the front door. The third pic is the frag tank.

Rather than post another reply, I am adding to the body of the review.
I went back to Aquatecture on Monday 10/28/02, I didn't call first, I just showed up with two leathers, that were unhappy in my tank. I did not purchase these corals from them, but the owner seemed more than pleased to allow me to trade him for some frags. I wound up with 4 frags for the two corals, almost retail for retail. When I returned, all the tanks were clean, no algae on the glass, and it was much easier to find this time. Course being there before probably helped some :D I would return to this store, I will return to this store, I am happy with it and the service received. I am ugrading their rating to an A. I will post a new reply to show you a couple of the frags I got....

reefrunner69 10-14-2002 09:16 PM

The next pic is the indoor water garden. (It's pretty cool, if I had room, I'd condsider doing one), the next pic is just the markings on one of the tanks, I took it cause they specified something wasn't reef safe. At the othe rLFS, they won't even tell you, much less write on the tank :roll: The last is just a cool grouper.

reefrunner69 10-14-2002 09:19 PM

HEHEHE and this is the frag, I almost bought....

reefrunner69 10-30-2002 07:42 PM

Acropora frag...

T. reniformis (Yellow scroll)

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