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whiteymoza 05-21-2005 05:28 PM

U.K. Natives
I have a 50g coldwater tank which i intend to stock with
2 European barbel (aprox 3in)
2 Green tench (approx 2in)
2 chub (approx 2in)
2 gudgeon (approx 2in)
4+ 3spined stickle backs
4+ minnows

and the peice de le resistance a white edged sturgeon (approx 3in)

this is in the south of the U.K. so i dobut il be requiring a chiller for the sterlet also outgrowing is not a problem because they can easily be transfered to my pond and replaced easily as i work in an aquatics store and get a 25% discount :) it will also contain a 600l/h filter and 2 200l/h internal filters and aproximately 6 large airstones in a line at the back and a lot of vegtation

does anyone have any amendments or surgestions to this plan

this is my first proper aquarium for a long time but i do pesses a fiar bit of basic and advanced knowlege and have my heart set on a native
U.K tank

greenmaji 05-21-2005 08:34 PM

If your looking into having healthy vegetation you might want to check out the planted aquarium section.

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