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dr_girlfriend 07-28-2005 03:52 AM

Pearling Moss
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Unfortunatley, this was the best pic I could get. My x-mas moss has been pearling and so has my java fern. I got a really good batch of co2 going, I think Ive found the best mixture finally.
For some reason, I cant get close up photos anymore without them being heck of blurry. I wish I could have got a better one, its really purdy :)

I also tried to get a pic of my co2 ladder that snails seem to be overly attracted to, blocking my bubbles. little jerks :)

An t-iasg 08-30-2005 01:27 AM

Wow! Those are very nice pics. The java fern looks nice and green. What is the grass-like plant in front of the java moss in the second pic? Is it Blyxa japonica? The hatchery I go to has lots of that plant.

krap101 08-30-2005 06:18 PM

do you fert your tank? and how did you get your moss to stay on the driftwood? string?

i wish i could get my moss to do that :(

jcarlilesiu 09-01-2005 04:25 PM

yes, what is that grass looking plant in the lower right corner of your tank on the second picture. i have that two and im having a very hard time keeping it alive, only plant in the tank like that, its some sort of sword right

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