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syndarcat 11-14-2005 10:20 PM

Just starting out and need some help. We have a 55 gal tank and mixed in the salt and the level after 4 days is 1.023. Now we are going to add the sand. 2 bags of live sand and 1 bag of agronite (Carib Sea). Is this a good combination? Or do we add all agronite sand and forget about the live sand? After we add the sand we only turn on the powerhead and not the filter. We are going to get mollies and convert them to saltwater for the cycle to begin. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks :)

lando 11-14-2005 11:32 PM

Welcome to!!! :D :D :D
The sand is fine, but I would not use the "live sand" in a bag. It is a waste of money. Just use the agronite and you will be fine. Be ready for some cloudiness in the tank for a few days. Please do not cycle with live fish. It is cruel and out-dated. Instead use a cocktail shromp from the grocery store or get some LR to kick off your cycle. There is a great article in the "Articles" section on the fishless cycling method. Good luck and keep stopping by.

DragonForce 11-15-2005 03:14 AM

Welcome to AA syndarcat. As lando already stated, you don't need live sand. Saving a few bucks on plain aragonite sand is perfectly fine. I would pass on the mollies and go to your LFS and get as much LR as you can afford. I think 55-70 lbs of LR should be good for your system. Also you will want to run your filter and powerhead through the cycle process. During your cycle period is a good time to read read read read!

Give us a run down on your plans for the aquarium.

Do you plan on a fish only tank? FOWLR? or reef system?

Do you plan on running a skimmer? what about a sump/refugium?

Make sure you go real slow and do lots of reading!

BillyZ 11-15-2005 01:06 PM

the only other i noticed (besides the cycling with fish bit already commented on) is the temperature of the tank. Has the water been brought up to temperature when taking your sg readings? If not, you must do so and then re-test the water. Temperature affects the sg readings. A reading of 1.023 @ apx 80-82f is what you're looking for.

I'll also agreen, no "live sand in a bag" and also, just add the sand and let it settle for a day or two with NOT PHs or filter. This will help speed up the settling of the cloudiness. With nothing in the tank and no cycle started yet, you dont need it going. I would only turn on the PHs once you actually drop in that shrimp for the cycle.

FYI, the article for fishless cycling can be found in our articles section: (from top of every page)
direct link:

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