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talloulou 12-08-2005 01:28 PM

Aluminum Patio Covers
I have a huge aluminum patio cover that hasn't been professionally cleaned since we bought the house apx 5 yrs ago! 8O My husband has used long poles and hoses to clean off the majority of crap every fall over the years but there has always been a build up that he can't get at. This year it's pretty bad. The patio cover is made up of alternating white and green sections and it's pretty big so it's impossible to reach most of it while standing on the roof. Also two of the sections have small holes. I've been thinking about calling a professional to come out and clean it as well as replace the damaged sections but does anyone have any idea what a reasonable fee for that would be? I have no idea and there is only 1-2 companies that do this locally. I don't want to get over charged Any ideas???

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