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crook280 12-10-2005 08:09 PM

sump design
I was hoping you guys could help me decide on how I can improve my already flawed design. Currently I have a 10 gallon display tank and I’m using another 10 gal tank to put the heater and filter. I made a siphon that connects to the float valve in the sump so it won't over flow. The problem with that is my pump is limited to how much water the float valve can take. (The float valve is the type they use for cow troughs)I’ll try and show you a sketch of my design

I was told I didn't need a skimmer since my tank was so small. Oh, I have a little colony of button polyps and a few mushrooms and 1 clownfish and a pygmy angel if it will make any difference. I was thinking of cutting a hole in the display tank in the back bottom corner and putting a piece of glass or acrylic with some slits or something in it. I want to reuse the current sump with a few modifications. My question is should I cut a hole in the tank or would it be easier and/or cheaper to make an overflow box? And do you think I need a skimmer, and if so is it cheaper make one myself or buy one? Thanks for your input.[/img]

czcz 12-11-2005 12:16 AM

If you have or can borrow a Dremmel, drilling a 10gal is pretty cheap because you only need the 7134 diamond bit. Here are very good instructions. Instead of a corner chamber I think you should consider drilling near the top corner. You can then use a Durso standpipe behind the tank to keep noise down. (I do this with my drilled 8g.)

I love my MagDrive 2 and got ~200gph measured with ~2.5ft head height, fwiw. Relatively quiet, too.

greenmaji 12-11-2005 05:01 AM

the peps over at RC are also using some diamond hole saws, off ebay for about 5 bucks + shipping, with there drills to cut the bulkhead holes..

things you have to have and things that would be helpfull are two diffent things.. I think a small skimmer whould be helpfull (a pre-fab CC skimmer would do in the sump for a 10 gallon tank and would keep water quality up) but if all you have is shrooms and the like (inverts that tollerate not so good water quality) you might not need the skimmer after all..

crook280 12-11-2005 11:34 AM

i like the idea with the dremmel. i think i'm going to do that. but what do you mean about in the about in the upper corner? are you talking about in the front of the tank? i was thinking about making a 2 piece overflow chamber in the back corner and also use a standpipe. i also decided to just make a sump and get a Visi-jet skimmer
are they any good, i figured it wouldn't be very cost effective making one for such a small tank, besides i would like to know how it works be for i make one. i will probably make the ovwerflow chamber pretty long, compared to wide, so it will run along the back. thanks again

czcz 12-11-2005 05:23 PM

Upper rear corner. 2 piece overflow with standpipes in the back is fine too. I am glad I drilled because it does not take up much space in the main. Good luck.

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