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ace1uno_00 12-14-2005 04:55 AM

I can't find a stand for my 40 Gal. tank. Help
I have EVERYTHING for my 40 gallon reef tank sitting around waiting to be put together. The only thing i am missing is a stand. Everywere i go either has the wrong size, style or color.
I'm getting kinda desperate. My tank dimensions are 36 inches long 18 inches wide.

Know of any good sites? i already checked the major places like DrFosters, BigAls, MarineDepot, and so on.
My LFS wants $429.
I think thats too pricy.

I can build one myself but, I want something "show" worthy. Know what i mean?

Kinda stressin.

Thanks guys.

afilter 12-14-2005 01:59 PM

A custom stand may be the answer. If you are handy there are many benifits to it especially it you are considering a sump/ fuge down the road. I know there are times when I am messing around under mine that I wish I had built my own.

check this thread out:


aznbob 12-14-2005 02:41 PM

I built my stand for $50. It's alot cheaper than any instore.

ace1uno_00 12-14-2005 04:02 PM

Ok i guess i'll have to get my lazy butt to gather all the tools. lol

malkore 12-14-2005 06:49 PM

Or, get a solid top'd 75gallon tank stand (48"x18") and you'll have extra room on the sides, instead of fitting flush to the edge.

but make sure it has plenty of support 6" on each side. a cheap stand may not, and the weight may not transfer to the sides/legs properly, causing failure.

ace1uno_00 12-15-2005 01:03 AM

Yeah i thought of that. Ironicly the 75 .Gal stand is cheaper than a 40 Gal.

ace1uno_00 12-15-2005 05:26 PM

Still looking and no luck.

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