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flanque 01-03-2006 01:06 AM

Funky "flickering" moonlight suggestion

Someone else on another thread suggested this but I cannot find that thread anymore so I will ask again.

Would the following be a good moonlight idea for a fish only tank with corilamorphs (my tank)?

The user recons it makes a great effect (rippling I assume).

flanque 01-03-2006 05:13 PM

Would the inhabitents find it annoying? Or bad for their health?

Alvarez 01-03-2006 06:20 PM

looks like it would be too bright.. its not like a couple LED moonlights above the water. It is a 12V cathode ray tube light. Would look cool for showing the tank perhaps but I dunno about permanent.

flanque 01-03-2006 06:24 PM

Well that being true and aside, I am thinking more about possible algae affects etc.

Brenden 01-03-2006 09:21 PM


Would the inhabitents find it annoying?
I did :D
Although I think aquatraders aquarium lights are garbage. I have no complaints with their blue moonlights. You should get a slight flicker effect from your water current with standard moonlights also.

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