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austinsdad 03-01-2006 11:32 AM

Thinking about upgrading to a 125g SW
Currently have a 72g Oceanic Bowfront. Maybe you know I had a xenia crash recently and wiped out the rest of my corals and inverts. Lost 2 brittle stars, deresa clam and snails, leathers, zoos, frogspawn. Shrooms look like they might pull thru. Fish, cleaner and pistol shrimp doing fine. The feather dusters - I'm now sure. Their crowns aren't as prolific. I think I'm thru the worst of it now, but I got a decision to make.

1) empty the tank and fix the leak underneath (have no idea where yet)
2) empty the tank, fix the leak, and replace the stand. Looking bad from the leak (also see the right side water is lower than the left. That concerns me)
3) empty the tank and put it all back in a new 125 w/stand, lights, the works.
4) empty the tank and put shelving units there instead

Option #2 means I'm looking at a 125g All Glass Co. tank with dual overflows. 4 x 96 PCs, and new skimmer and UV of course. Got a Top Fathom 100 now, but I'm not sure I like it. Want to do an in sump skimmer and refugium thing (w/light)underneath the cabinet/stand.

Is this sounding right so far?

Any other thoughts or experience to share? Guessing I'd spend 4 grand with more hardware and 50 lbs more rock (got about 120 or so now).

Hara 03-01-2006 12:36 PM

I would think that you would be running too light in the live rock department even with an additional fifty pounds. I would suggest another 130 lbs if you are going with a 125 gallon tank. That will put you at the bare minimum of recommended amounts for filtration. That will up your costs a good bit too :(

Just offering food for thought.

austinsdad 03-01-2006 01:28 PM

True. If I want that lush reef back (without all that xenia this time!), 200 or so lbs would work better. That'd give me a chance for new rock and new critters maybe. Thought about fish only this time, but I know I'd miss the reef's eye candy.

Hara 03-01-2006 03:35 PM

Even with a fish only tank, if the rock is your only means of filtration, you should have a minimum of 2 lbs per gallon capacity. If not, you would need to keep very few fish, which would probably drive you nuts :)

ellisz 03-01-2006 11:31 PM

I agree on the LR but sometimes I wonder how people can get that much rock in their tank :) I removed a bunch of mine and put it in the sump since my tank always looks stuffed.

IMO, get the 125 if you can afford it. I have a 75 gal and long for the day I can get a 6ft tank :)

austinsdad 03-02-2006 12:24 PM

The latest inclination...

155 AGA Bow, Oceanic Stand & Canopy (ouch!), Neddlewheel Coralife 220 or 250 in sump skimmer($70 diff), & Aqualight pro (4x96PC & 3x150MH), & 25w UV. Should be able to fit a 40g sump (or larger?) down there. Wanna do the lighted rufugium/sump thing hopefully with a decent amount of rock down there too.

Priced at retailer invoice & shipping - remember, I got a LFS buddy.

What ya'll think?!?!

Maybe I should step away from the catalogue, huh? Oh no. Help me.

Fluff 03-02-2006 12:37 PM

I think if you can get a good deal, can fit it in the house, you should get the biggest tank you can afford. lol I like ellisz dream for the day I can get a bigger tank. :D

Hara 03-02-2006 01:46 PM

I have to tell you in all honesty Ray, the oceanic stuff is a bunch of Crap IMO. I have a 175 Oceanic Bow on THEIR stand and canopy, the stand is already deteriorated tremendously. They warranty is not any good unless you put it on their stand. I have had problems with their stuff from day one and I am afraid they are not the quality that they once were. I have read many other instances that were similar. I have been hunting for a carpenter to come reinforce this stand as if it doesnt get reinforced with real wood soon, it WILL end up crashing to the floor.

austinsdad 03-02-2006 01:50 PM

I thought the one I have now was my fault because of my slopiness with the SW. Who else makes stands and canopies for 155 bow tanks? @ my special buddy price, ithe Oceanic stand and canopy is still $1,600.

Hara 03-02-2006 02:13 PM

If I had to do it all over again the stand would be custom made. I am willing to bet that you can either do it yourself if you are inclined to carpentry, or even hire a cabinetmaker to do it and you will be better off financially plus, they will be real wood, sturdier and probably prettier. The other thing, I am a short person and all the stands we have made look very nice and are lower to the ground. I would also have made that adjustment.

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