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Ky'smommy 07-13-2006 02:32 PM

all my fish are fat?
my yoyo loaches who i just got last saterday is fat who were not big at all.
my discus are getting big guts, my cory cats and a few others. they all look like they are pigging out. i only feed 3 times a im not overfeeding.when i feed them all the food is gone in like 2 minutes. lol i just thought it was funny how big they all get after a week of being in my tank. and now they are getting chubby. i will feed them some pee's just to make somethings not plugging them up.and its not just out they grow tall too.
i just wanted to say how cool it is to see them grow so big and fast and to be so happy and if anyone else notice how rapid the growth of new fish is in there tanks?

joannde 07-13-2006 03:13 PM

3x a day ? wow, adopt me, I've been wanting 3 squares a day (just too lazy to cook !)

I feed mine once a day, maybe 2 times a day 2 days a week - that second feeding is usually some sort of veggie.

Maybe that's why they're picking at the algae all day - maybe I'm starving them !

Ky'smommy 07-13-2006 03:21 PM

maybe, i only feed that much because my discus need lots of food and good nutrietion to grow properlyas they are jevinle. so its split up well and all fish get enough but not to much or too little.
but my discus have also grown like an inch in a month. so i must be doing something right.
i dont know actually how much ur supose to feed certian fish. like my other two tanks i only feed in the morning and at night and only a pinch..
right now i have one sick discus in a qt tank and im told to feed him four times a day even if he doesnt eat. so its the same as what im supose to be feeding my other disucus.
its funny tho. the cory cats and loaches all come running for food. the loaches are right in there with all the other fish. i should get a video one day of the feeding frenzy that goes on.
lol noone gets hurt or left out they all eat as fast as they can.
they are very nice fish

hsherman1986 07-13-2006 03:24 PM

ditto. I usually feed mine once a day with veggies, live food, or frozen bloodworms up to three times a week at night. I used to feed flake food in the morning, and alternate between frozen bloodworms and frozen brine shrimp at night. I may get back on that schedule with what you are saying about your fish growing, and alternate between the frozen foods, veggies (now that I know how to serve them), and live brine shrimp.

When I first got 2 of my CAE's, they were small (only about 2-3") and skinny. I QTed them in a tank full of algea and let the algea in the tank they were going to permanently live in grow and by the time they were done cleaning both tanks, they are almost 5" now and really fat. (mind you, i have only had them for about a month.) I let them feed mainly on the algea, but supplement algea wafers 2x a week, just in case they aren't getting enough.

Ky'smommy 07-13-2006 03:35 PM

i usually feed frozen and some fruits and vegtables. lol not to much. and some new life spectrum.
i just got use to feeding them frozen and they just love it.
like its been 5 days since i got those loaches and they have definatly gotten way bigger.
and i had purchased some small ottos. and well they got huge after only a week.they now have been moved temporarly until the bigger tanks ready. but they kept sucking on my discus and gouramis aand were making them mad.
it could also have to do with the regular water changes i do. i do it every other day. so the water is very clean and stays the same. so if they dont get all the food i dont have to worry cause its always clean.

JustOneMore20 07-13-2006 04:02 PM

Could you bump it down to twice a day? I think the Discus would be fine with one less feeding. That way the other fish won't get too big. I don't think they are overeating...they just eat when their fed, which is alot IMO. I was worried about the water quality when I saw that you feed 3 times a day, but its good to know you are doing water changes every other day.

If you bump the feedings down to twice a day and they are still kind of fat looking, I'd try some deshelled green peas. That will help if they are constipated.

Ky'smommy 07-13-2006 04:14 PM

yah but they arent getting overfed. young discus should be fed many small feedings more times a day. instead of one big feeding or two. thats why i feed them that why. they are very happy and well. and i do what is best for them. I studied this fish for months before i even considered actually going out and buying them and according to many places they should actually be fed 6 times a day a bigger percentage says that.
i was already going to try the peas to make sure they arent and im not worried.
cause discus when they are even the littlest unhappy the go black.
and im not concerened with feeding.
just wondering if anyone had noticed the same thing.

JustOneMore20 07-13-2006 04:53 PM

I wasn't really referring to the Discus in my post, I meant the other fish really don't need to eat 3 times a day. I understand that the discus are juvies and need to eat more often, but your other fish are eating this much also, and probably don't need it.

If you can't cut it down to 3 (because of the discus) then I'd just try the peas and see if that helps.

I only feed my fish once a day...sometimes once every other day, but I don't keep anything that needs to eat more than that. My tetras are very greedy and the flames get bloated after they eat. One of my yoyos is really fat, but its because she is female.

When I got my yoyos, they were extremely skinny. I was really surprised when they got bigger because I didn't know that they were underweight at the time. Now they are huge...but it took a few months for them to get "fatter".

Most fish are really underweight in LFS, so they plump up when you get them home.

JRagg 07-13-2006 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by JustOneMore20
Most fish are really underweight in LFS, so they plump up when you get them home.

That is especially true with loaches. Most fish I can't tell if they are underweight or not, but a healthy loach is a fat and active loach.

JeffreyL 07-13-2006 05:55 PM

I have 2 fish that need to join Jenny Craig, too. One is an oto that literally looks like it swallowed a whole pea. But the 3 others in the tank are just normally plump. In another tank, one of the peppered cories looks like the inspiration for 'Big Momma's House'. And again, she is the only fat one in the tank. So in both cases I can reduce food, and I have a bit, but methinks someone is just better at getting to the food first. I will post pics after the weekend. Hopefully.

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