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papa_bear_21 08-20-2007 05:52 PM

restocking a 55 gallon tank
Ok, so I've had some major issues with my 55 gallon tank, but believe they are starting to get under control. Once everything is good, and stable, I will be looking to restock the tank as we lost a few fish (in the 20+ count range). Currently inhabiting the tank are:

3x Dojo Loach
3x Khuli Loach
2x black skirt tetra
1x Platy
5x Asst Rasbora
1x Lyre Tail Black Sailfin Molly
1x Common Pleco
1x Gibbi Pleco

What else can I add once everything settles down? I'm looking to setup the 29 gallon when we move as a tropical community tank, and would like to make this one something different. I do intend to keep my dojo's and pleco's in the 55 if not everything. Right now, what would be some good additions?

Thanks in advance,


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