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  1. For Sale: Plants/Packages!
  2. Wanted: Looking for Bulbs & Snails
  3. For Sale or trade: Tonina sp. fluviatilis x 10
  4. For Sale: Ludwigia, and Rotala
  5. Free: Angel fish
  6. Wanted: Looking for Ramshorn snails and plants.
  7. For Sale or trade: Livebearers, Marble Crayfish-Free shipping with orders over $16
  8. For Sale: Anubias nana I need it gone!
  9. For Sale: Limnophilia Aromatica
  10. For Sale: Guppy grass
  11. Wanted: Rotala Sunset-Rotala Magenta
  12. For Sale: cheap plants
  13. Free: Free Platy Fry
  14. Wanted: Rotala Wallachii
  15. For Sale: Sakura regular RCS mixed
  16. For Sale: All tank setups (29,55,56), equipment as a lot (local pickup Austin, TX area)
  17. For Sale: Ludwigia Repens
  18. For Sale: Plants
  19. For Sale or trade: Cabomba
  20. For Sale or trade: Caves for fish breeding
  21. For Sale: Thin the Wisteria sale
  22. For Sale: I need these plants gone!! They will ship Tuesday!
  23. For Sale: Eheim compact+ 5000
  24. For Sale or trade: 16 oz. (1 pound) Brine Shrimp Eggs
  25. Wanted: Looking for Low Light Aquarium Plants
  26. For Sale: Red Cherry shrimp and Java Moss
  27. For Sale: Easy grower low light plants
  28. Wanted: Medium Cork Screw val
  29. For Sale: Anubias nana! For sale!
  30. For Sale: Ton of java moss for sale!
  31. For Sale or trade: Freshwater Angel Needs New Home
  32. For Sale or trade: Convict fry NYC
  33. For Sale: Limnophilia Aromatica
  34. Wanted: Black Venezuelan Corydoras
  35. Wanted: Cycled sponge filter or other bb