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  1. Free: Free Hornwort, just pay shipping
  2. For Sale: Air pumps and filter
  3. For Sale: 24-36in Current Satellite Plus Pro
  4. For Sale: Got Shrimp? Carbon Rili, OEBT, CRS, CBS, PFR, Red Rili, Sulawesi Cardinal, TT's!
  5. Free: RAOK: Gel Pack Downoi
  6. Wanted: plants, plants, and some plants.
  7. For Sale or trade: Italian Val
  8. For Sale or trade: Pre Cleaned Beach Sand
  9. For Sale: 10 Val. Contortionist Plants
  10. For Sale: Red Cherry Shrimp End of Summer SALE
  11. Wanted: 3 Discus
  12. For Sale: Rare plants -Eriocaulon, Anubias, Fissidens, Vesicularia
  13. Wanted: Red cherry shrimp
  14. For Sale: Driftwood!
  15. For Sale: Duckweed
  16. For Sale: Guppy Grass and Peacock a Moss
  17. For Sale: Odyssea T5 dual HO
  18. For Sale: Trim time on the 150gl
  19. For Sale: Creamsicle Sail Fin Trio and Male Livebearers
  20. For Sale: Male Kribensis
  21. For Sale: Syngonantgus Belem
  22. For Sale: 120w Reef LED!
  23. For Sale: 1sq ft Dwarf Baby Tears
  24. For Sale: Leaving The Hobby, Lots of Stuff For Sale
  25. Wanted: Flame moss
  26. For Sale: Blyxa japonica
  27. For Sale or trade: Val. Contortionist and Ludwigia repens
  28. For Sale: Red rili shrimp!
  29. Wanted: Red cherry shrimp
  30. For Sale: Got Shrimp? Carbon Rili, OEBT, CRS, & Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp!
  31. For Sale: 3 types of Staurogyne
  32. For Sale: Plants for sale!!!
  33. For Sale or trade: German Red Peacock Cichlids
  34. For Sale: Plants package $30 shipped
  35. For Sale: Tank breakdown sale