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Cyanobacteria, AKA Red Slime Algae

Ugh, red slime. What is this stuff? How do I get rid of it? Here’s a little background … read more →

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Refugiums,fuges or refuge

Called by many names, These living filters are used for propagation and protection. What are the basics of … read more →


Making Tap Water Safe for the Aquarium

Making Tap Water Safe for the Aquarium by Removing Chlorine and Chloramine This article was contributed by Aquarium … read more →

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Tips and Tricks For Your Fastest Fishless Cycle!

Help to get through the boring part of keeping tanks. This article was contributed by Aquariums Advice member … read more →


Carbon Dioxide Systems

Carbon Dioxide Systems are the foundation of your tank. Here is a detailed look at a CO2 system. … read more →


Adjusting pH in the Freshwater Aquarium

One of the most common problems encountered by the aquarist is maintaining a constant pH level. Many hobbyists … read more →


Freshwater Ich? Yuck!

Ich! What it is and what you can do about it. This article was contributed by Aquarium Advice … read more →

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Acclimating new fish – quick tips to prevent fish loss. So you just got home from the local … read more →


Cycle your salt tank

Cycle your salt tank humanely without using live fish. The humane method of cycling your tank. One of … read more →

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