A Guide to Aquarium Accessories and Fish Care

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While there are many aquarium products available, their usefulness can vary. Familiarising yourself with the most important ones is essential for quality aquarium maintenance.

A trip to your local pet shop or aquarium centre will show you that there are a lot of aquarium products out there. Of course, not all of these products are necessary.

Included in the must-have items for an aquarium is a water filter. A water filter is essential to ensure your fish always have clean water. Even if your aquarium water looks perfectly clean, it is still possible that it has been infected with chemicals or dirt which could easily harm your fish, but this is easily solved with an aquarium filter.

Another necessity for the aquarium owner is a water heater. Of course this is not essential for all kinds of fish; however, if you are planning on keeping anything exotic it is worth checking with the pet shop owner first.

Similarly, it is important to make sure that you have a thermostat and thermometer within the aquarium. A thermostat is essential for controlling the aquarium heater, although many aquarium heaters now come with one of these as standard. It is always worthwhile checking this before splashing out on a thermostat.

Although a thermometer is not as important as a thermostat, it is always good to have a backup. Having a thermometer as well as a thermostat, while not essential, can be seen as a kind of pet insurance to protect you from any future catastrophes. After you have organised the heating of the tank, the next thing to focus on is cleaning supplies and equipment.

The most common piece of aquarium cleaning equipment is a glass cleaner. The importance of a glass cleaner is to remove algae and dirt from the tank. Although the water filter will do a good job of sorting through most of this dirt, it is still necessary to clean the glass regularly.

Along with a glass cleaner, a gravel cleaner is usually essential for most aquarium owners. The purpose of a gravel cleaner is simply to collect the dirt that gets trapped within the gravel. Various types of cleaners are available, including several electric models which clean through the dirt in a matter of minutes.

Of course, if you choose your aquarium plants correctly it is possible to get rid of large amount of the dirt. Many aquarium plants filter dirt and will help to cut down on your cleaning duties.

Decorations and ornaments are not an essential aquarium accessory, however, since most fish keepers keep aquariums for their aesthetic purposes; they prove to be quite popular. Ornaments are a personal choice and it depends entirely on how you want to present the tank.

There are many accessories on offer to the aquarium owner. While not all, like decorations, are essential, it is always worth reading up on the aquarium must-haves in order to protect your investment.

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