April 2014 TOTM : Melosu58 125 Gallon Reef

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Introduction: I`ve been in the hobby for 15 yrs. Started when I saw a sale through the pet store window. It was a 55 gallon tank set up to do Salt water. I bought the tank and the rest is history I still have most of my original corals and fish. I take my responsibility to my fish and corals very seriously.

Set up: 125 gallon reef tank 40 gallon refugium excaliber skimmer VHO lights (2 -50/50 and 2 -super actinic),

Stock: Yellow Tang , Yellow eyed Kole tang and Scopas Tang, 1 clown Gold Stripe Maroon, Pink Spotted Goby, Black Sailfin blenny,Hermit crabs, Lobster and a orange Lincknia star. Corals are Torch coral, cauliflower leather coral, Hammer coral, Thin finger leather, Branching hammer coral, Green Brain coral,Purple brain coral ,Button polyps, Bubble coral, Green, Blue and red mushrooms,Orange Ricordeas, Blue striped mushrooms Pagoda Cup coral, Staghorn leather, frogspawn coral , Pavona coral Blue and Green Zoo`s and star polyps.Montipora capricornis – red.

Maintenance : I do weekly partial water changes. I don’t dose anything in my tank. Partial water changes will take care of any dosing issues. I don’t target feed my corals as the lighting and water column takes care of that. I feed my fish every other day and on the off days I feed dried seaweed for the tangs. I feed a variety of different foods to my fish. If there is one thing I would say is needed in this hobby I would say it is patience. People try to rush things in this hobby. My tank is the product of 15 yrs. At the beginning it looked skimpy but it has filled out over time.

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