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March 2013 TOTM: Brian_Nano12g’s 6 Gallon Planted Nano


INTRODUCTION Growing up in my childhood, I’ve always had an affinity for pets –especially fish. Of course, as … read more →


February 2013 TOTM: 54seaweed’s 37 Gallon Bow Front Mixed Reef


  INTRODUCTION After a long battle with cancer undergoing long chemo sessions and a bone marrow transplant, I … read more →

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January 2013 TOTM: Rivercats’ 220 gallon Planted Community


  INTRODUCTION My passion for keeping fish and plants started in the 60’s. My father always had a … read more →


December 2012 TOTM: SWSCJ’s 450 Gallon Reef


Introduction I’d have to say that I owe my passion for the marine aquarium to my mother. As … read more →

Andrew McFadden 180 Malawi FTS

November 2012 TOTM: Andrew McFadden’s 180 Gallon Lake Malawi Biotope


  INTRODUCTION I started keeping aquariums when I was around 12 years old, roughly 18 years ago. I … read more →


How to Become an Author


Share your knowledge and experiences with others by contributing an article. In an effort to provide the Aquarium … read more →


Tiger Barbs – Capoeta tetrazona


Because it is easily bred in large numbers (both in the United States and in the Far East), … read more →

African Butterfly Fish – Pantodon buchholzi


The exotic appearance of the African Butterfly Fish has made it an aquarium favorite since its introduction to … read more →

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Ceylon Combtail – Belontia signata


The Ceylon Combtail is commonly found in the shallow water of clear slow-flowing streams and rivers of Sri … read more →

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