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Stay at home mom, been keeping fish tanks for as long as I can remember. Been doing sw tanks since 2003. toadstool-med

Toadstool leather – Sarcophyton sp


These corals are very resilient and can adjust to different setups with medium to high lighting and moderate … read more →


Margarita Snail- Margarites pupillus


These snails are often sold as algae grazers for the reef tank. Unfortunately, although they are awesome algae … read more →

Marine Ich or White Spot Disease


Overview of a lethal parisite This article was written by Aqaurium Advice Member, Fluff. Marine Ich or White … read more →

Cyanobacteria, AKA Red Slime Algae


Ugh, red slime. What is this stuff? How do I get rid of it? Here’s a little background … read more →