Black Shark – Morulius chrysophekadion

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Black Sharks are great jumpers and love to eat plants.

Synonyms: Labeo chrysophekadion, Morulius chrysophekadion, Rohita chrysophekadionv

Common Names: Black Shark, Black Labeo, Black shark minnow

Family: Cyprinidae Origin: Thailand

Salinity: Freshwater

Temperment: Mostly docile, but some can be down right mean, especially to their own species.

Diet: Omnivore

Care: Needs a very large tank (150-200g in adulthood). Will accept most foods. Diet needs to be supplemented with some plant matter.

ph: 6.5-7.5

Temperature: 75°F – 81°F

Hardness: 10°dH – 15°dH

Potential size: 12-24″ in adulthood

Water Region: Lower-middle

Activity: Diurnal

Lifespan: 8-10 years

Color: Black, Grey/bronze (when ill or over light gravel)

Mouth: Downturned

Sexing: Females are plumper then the males

Breeding: 99.99% impossible. None documented in home aquaria.

Comments: The black shark is a very good jumper (sadly I lost one to the floor before I relized this), a covered tank is a necessity. The black shark will also eat your plants, so they are not recomended for a planted aquarium. As stated before, they do grow very large. A very large aquarium is needed. The Black Shark is known to grow rather fast.

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