Bolivian Ram

Fish Profile: Bolivian Ram


Common name: Bolivian Ram, Butterfly Ram Scientific name: Mikrogeophagus altispinosis General: Temperature: 78-84 degrees F pH: Prefers neutral … read more →

Silvertip Tetra

Fish Profile: Silvertip Tetra


Common name: Silvertip Tetra Scientific name: Hasemania Nana General: Temperature: 74-82 degrees F pH: Very undemanding. Thrives in … read more →

School of bloodfin tetras

Fish Profile: Bloodfin Tetra


Common name: Bloodfin Tetra Scientific name: Aphyocharax anisitsi General: Temperature: 74-82 degrees F pH: Undemanding. Does well in … read more →


Nannacara Anomala-Golden Dwarf Cichlid Profile


Nannacara anomala Species Profile by maxwellag Common Names: Golden dwarf cichlid, golden eye cichlidScientific Name: Nannacara AnomalaClassification: Cichlidae Subfamily: Cichlasomatinae Size (adult): … read more →


Lake Malawi and Aquarium Stocking Cichlids


Lake Malawi also known as the lake of stars is one of the great rift lakes in Africa. … read more →

An Algae Eater


Not that long ago, maybe 3 weeks ago, I was contemplating whether I should get some otocinclus, for … read more →

Blue Gourami – Trichogaster trichopterus


Gouramis, in general are relatively easy to breed. The male has a pointier, longer dorsal and anal fin … read more →

Red Bellied Piranha – Pygocentrus nattereri


Red Belly Piranhas are commonly thought of by most people as aggressive monsters, and at the same time … read more →

Flying Fox – Epalzeorhynchus Kallopterus


You need to be careful in your LFS, as the popularity of the SAE has grown, more and … read more →

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