Yo-Yo Loaches – Botia almorhae Gray


Yo-Yo Loaches have a silver to pale gold background color with a network of black bands on the … read more →

Queen Arabesque Pleco – Hypancistrus sp.


These fish are principally nocturnal, so it is uncommon to see them out during the day. When they … read more →

PACU – Colossoma bidens


Often mistaken for piranhas, Pacus can be distingushed by the overbite as opposed to the underbite of a … read more →

Bala Shark – Balantiochellus melanopterus


The name ‘Bala Shark’ was originally created to help sales and increase the appeal of the fish, which … read more →


Freshwater Angelfish – Pterophyllum scalare


First seen in the market in 1911, the freshwater angelfish, aka pterophyllum scalare, is one of the most … read more →

Boeseman’s Rainbow – Melanotaenia boesemani


Frequently overlooked by aquarists as a boring fish, nothing could be further from the truth! M. boesemani are … read more →

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Chinese Algae Eater – Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri


The Chinese Algae Eater is not in fact from China. These are great handlers of green algae (but … read more →

Neon Tetra – Paracheirodon axelrodi


The neon tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi) is one of the most readily available freshwater fish, being sold all around … read more →

Sailfin Pleco – Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps


The Sailfin Gibbiceps is quite a unique fish. When the dorsal fin is extended, it looks similar to … read more →

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