Marine Velvet (Amyloodiniosis)


Parasitic outbreak – diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and cure This article was contributed by Aquarium Advice member quarryshark Marine … read more →


UV Sterilizers and Their Use in Aquaria


Thinking about purchasing a UV Sterilizer? Navigating equipment choices, set up and problems. This article was contributed by … read more →

Cyanobacteria, AKA Red Slime Algae


Ugh, red slime. What is this stuff? How do I get rid of it? Here’s a little background … read more →

Refugiums,fuges or refuge


Called by many names, These living filters are used for propagation and protection. What are the basics of … read more →


Cycle your salt tank


Cycle your salt tank humanely without using live fish. The humane method of cycling your tank. One of … read more →

Sumps Explained


Add capacity and stability to your system – a sump can help. Considering a sump? Let us convince … read more →

aa sick-fish

Quarantine for saltwater fish


Quarantine: reasons, rationale and method. Why Quarantine? To allow your fish to become accustomed to captivity in a … read more →

Ammonia conversion to nitrate


How ammonia is converted to nitrate Here is simplified look at this this basic process. A new tank … read more →

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