Centropyge bispinosus – (Coral Beauty)

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The coral beauty is a dwarf angel and can be a rather shy fish so providing plenty of hiding crevices in and around the live rock is best.

Origin: IndoPacific
Size: 3-4? adult size
Min Tank Size: 30 Gal
Temp: 76-80F
Specific Gravity: 1.020-1.025
PH: 8.1-8.4

The coral beauty is a very colorful dwarf angel. This species can be identified by its orange color over the base of its body, dark blue/purple fins, and dark vertical stripes over the body. These stripes can be thin and broken. This fish can be a fragile shipper so it is important to quarantine this fish prior to introducing it into a display aquarium. Once the coral beauty has been acclimated to your aquarium environment it can be a very hearty species. Coral beauty?s can also develop aggression toward other dwarf angels so they should be kept in an aquarium where they are the only dwarf angel species.

The coral beauty can be a rather shy fish so providing plenty of hiding crevices in and around the live rock is best. Often times, the coral beauty is the last fish that visitors looking at my tank will see because this fish will hide behind the live rock, only to peek out from the rocks for brief periods.

The coral beauty should be watched carefully if kept in an aquarium with soft tissue invertebrates as they can develop a taste for these soft polyp corals. If found nipping at corals the only thing that can be done is to either remove the coral or the coral beauty. The coral beauty diet should consists of algae supplemented with meaty prepaired foods. This dwarf angel, like many other small angels have a rather small mouth so its important to make sure that the meaty bits are ground up small enough that the fish can eat it comfortably. My coral beauty eats dried nori as a staple. The coral beauty can be observed picking at live rock as well as picking at the glass and submerged equipment. This picking is often its search for algae that it can eat.

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