February 2013 TOTM: 54seaweed’s 37 Gallon Bow Front Mixed Reef

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After a long battle with cancer undergoing long chemo sessions and a bone marrow transplant, I was forced to retire, and I needed a hobby to keep me busy and keep me from going nuts. I started with a fresh water tank. Always having loved saltwater I started doing lots of research. I enjoy the challenge and have been keeping fish more than half my life.


– 37 gal bow front with an open eggcrate top, 40+lbs live rock, penguin 250 bio filter serving as a hob sump. I have 2 HO Aquatic-life T-5 fixtures: 1 10k white daylight , 1 super blue actinic, 2 blue actinic along with a WavePoint HO led ultra blue fixture (this really brings out the colors in coral)

– Lights stay on about 8 hrs in stages 2/4/2

– Circulation is from 2 500 gph and 1 250 gph powerheads
100 watt heater, sea clone skimmer


10 gallon partial water changes 1x a week. I use Kent Marine reef salt, and dose 1 drop iodine 1x a day.


  • Temp 81.1*
  • Salinity : 1.025
  • Nitrite : 0ppm
  • Nitrate : 0ppm
  • Ammonia: 0ppm
  • Ph: 8.2
  • Phos: 1.0ppm
  • Calcium: 480
  • Kh/alk: 12.8




  • 2 bangii cardinal
  • 1 pj cardinal
  • 1 Clarkie clown
  • 5 damsel assorted
  • 1 mandarin
  • 1 lawn mower
  • 1 engineer Gobi 
  • 1 orange fire fish 


  • 100+ Assorted snails/hermit crabs
  • 2 serpent stars
  • Clam


  • Assorted macro algae


  • Zoa/palys
  • Hammer
  • Candy cane 
  • Star polyps
  • Mushrooms
  • Xl Feather dusters


I feed two times a day. Every feeding is different. My fish are so spoiled – sometimes they eat frozen sometimes pellets/flake, other times they get live foods, Brine shrimp, mysiss shrimp, and pods. I raise all my own feeders so I always have fresh plump nutritious feeders.

I am honored to be chosen TOTM here at Aquarium Advice. After a long year of hard work this tank has come a long way. Thanks to everyone who helped me through this awesome journey!



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