February 2016 TOTM: Reygan2

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Hi all! My name is Amy and I’m honored to have one of my tanks chosen for TOTM here on AA. I have been drawn to the aquarium hobby for as long as I can remember, however I didn’t start my first real setup until about 3 ½ years ago.  It was a 29g freshwater tank with fake plants with white gravel.

It wasn’t long until I began searching through forums and started to get serious. The more I checked into it the more fascinated I became with the hobby. I spent every spare minute for many months researching planted tanks learning everything I could. After much trial and error, I finally took it as far as I was willing to go, I ended up with a 40b, low light, balanced, planted tank that has been established for a couple of years and I simply adore it.

Meanwhile .. The itch started for a challenge of a saltwater venture, due to the lack of available space I began researching coral reef nano tanks. I had a 15g long tank in storage so I decided to use it for my first build. Learning about saltwater tanks along with corals, even on a small scale was a much larger undertaking than I could ever imagine “but well worth it”. I eventually moved the entire contents to a 20g long tank.

My passion is still in planted tanks and tropical fish, but building this tank was a lot of fun and a great experience. I spent way more money than I’ll ever admit.


Carib Sea Fiji pink sand
20 lbs live rock
Red Sea Coral Pro salt mix
RODI water “only”
AquaClear 70 containing purigen , Chemi Pure Elite , Filter Floss
1 425 Hydor Koralia circulation pump
Fish need it T-5-HO dual fixture with ATI Blue Plus and AquaBlue special bulbs
Aqueon 100w heater
DIY screen top


It’s a very simple little tank. I never used a skimmer or a sump but I faithfully did 4 or 5 gallon water changes weekly. I did run into several issues along the way.  A nearly devastating bout with green hair algae. I also contended with a ungodly infestation of flatworms, along with a few unwanted hitchhikers, including a little mantis shrimp that I accidentally killed trying to catch it and an allegedly murderous gorilla crab.



High fin banded goby
Ocellaris clown
Black and White clown
Royal gramma
Purple fire fish

5 hermit crabs
2 peppermint shrimp
nassarius and turbo snails
brittle stars.



Purple tip hammer
Various mushrooms
At least 6 different types of zoanthids



Frozen Reef Frenzy Daily



I’m a Special Education math teacher in an elementary school and have enjoyed having a few tanks in my class room. Sadly many of my students come from foster care and/or homes were they’ve been subjected to abuse and neglect. Their stories are tragic and most most of them are understandingly angry, oppositional and reluctant to trust anyone.

My class room tanks have sparked the interest of so many of these children. Ultimately leading in barriers being broken and close relationships being formed. That alone has made this hobby well worth everything I’ve put into it. I’d like to thank the members of AA for all the info and support through out the years, and thanks to those that voted for me.


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