Fish Profile: Silvertip Tetra

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Silvertip Tetra

Common name: Silvertip Tetra

Scientific name: Hasemania Nana

Temperature: 74-82 degrees F
pH: Very undemanding. Thrives in my tank with a pH of 8.2.
Hardness: 5-20 dH
They are very hearty fish.

Compatible tankmates: Any larger tetra will do. They are slightly more aggressive than other tetras, so smaller tetras such as neons would probably be bullied. They can also be with livebearers such as Platys and Mollies. I would be careful putting them with small long-finned fish such as guppies, as they might be nipped. Rams are a longer finned fish that can coexist with them, because they are bigger. I have yet to see my Silvertips take a nip at my ram.

Recommended tank size: A 20 gallon long would be suitable for a small school of Silvertip Tetras.

Size: 2 inches

Diet: Not picky eaters at all. I feed mine a diet mainly of flake food, and occasionally feed them boiled zucchini.

Description: Silvertip Tetras are named because of the silvery-white tips on their fins. The male Silvertip Tetras are a deep copper color, and females are much more pale.

Behavior: Silvertip Tetras are one of the more aggressive tetras, somewhat similar to Serpae Tetras. They will most likely nip at tankmates their size or smaller, but if kept in a large school, aggression will for the most part be kept within their shoal. They are very active tetras, and are very fun to watch. They appreciate plants in their tank, as this makes them feel safe.

Reproduction: Silvertip Tetras are egg-layers. You will see the male chase around the female for a little while. They will then start to rub sides and then the female will release eggs. If you intend to keep fry, the parents need to be removed as soon as the eggs are laid because otherwise the parents will eat them.

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