Fluval Spec 2 gallon Nano Desktop Aquarium Review

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Fluval Spec

After almost a year with it, I am ready to share my experiences and suggestions.


The Spec comes complete with a built in filtration chamber, a 21 LED (one watt each) light, a plastic lid and filter media. The actual tank (not including the built in filtration chamber) measures 6x6x10″. The total volume of the system, including the filter chamber, is about 2.2 gallons. The flow rate of the pump is 40 gallons per hour, although it can be adjusted. It also has an adjustable outflow nozzle.


The 21 1w LEDs do not provide much light for the tank, however I found that it was enough to grow a carpet of Marsilea minuta. I tried to grow more demanding plants such as Hemianthus calichtrichoides, but I had no luck. A simple upgrade to a desk lamp and a CFL bulb would be sufficient for more demanding plants. Another great option is the Fluval Mini fluorescent light, used in the picture below.


The pump was providing more than enough flow for my setup. I had to turn it down with the adjustment switch to about half. The only thing I had to keep an eye on was the water level. If it gets too low, water will not flow into the chamber and the pump may run dry and damage the impeller. I never had the issue come up because I refilled the tank with my weekly water changes. A large rectangle sponge, a bag of bio media and a bag of carbon are included in the box.

Other features:

Above where the pump sits in the small compartment of the filter chamber, there is room for a small heater. I was able to fit a Tetra 50w glass heater in it, but there are other options that would fit too. The lid also has a gap in the back for the light to clamp on, which allows cords and wires through it. It has metal covered edges that give it a unique style. The back wall (separating the tank and the filtration chamber) is black, so it already had a black background.

In general, this is a very stylish and high quality setup. It has a clean look and hides most distractions commonly seen in other tanks. It is a great tank for a beginner or someone looking to add to their collection. Some good inhabitants are shrimp, many species of killifish and some of the smaller types of betta fish.


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