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Old 10-06-2009, 12:47 AM   #1
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40gal stocking possibilities - what do you think?

This weekend I hope to be upgrading to a 40gal breeder tank. There are several fish that I have my heart set on and some others where I need a little feedback.

For certain:
~3-4 dwarf gourami (flame & powder blue, already have these)
~oto cats (also already have)
~4-6 Bolivian Rams (store gets them in at 1.5" or so, hope is that with time at least 2 will pair & can give the others away if necessary)

Under consideration:
~6+ emperor, black phantom, or black neon tetras
~a blue acara who'd lived in my 20gal tank until he was big enough to beat up the fish in his home tank (surprisingly, he never bothered the gourami or otos)
~3+ julli cory cats

I know 40gal is a bit small for the acara, which is why I wanted feedback but I missing having him around. So, what would you recommend I change or is this okay? Should something be substituted? Also, assuming that they get along, would that many adult Rams be ok in a 40gal?


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I think that many Rams will either be perfect or it will be trouble. It will be hard to tell which until you actually try it. I would just have a backup plan and make sure the tank is heavily planted or decorated and enough territory space is available. My thinking is that with that many Rams the aggression will be distributed more evenly as opposed to just a couple. I could be wrong though.

The only other problem I see is the Gouramis. They are another hit or miss fish. Are the ones you have already living together? Are they all getting along? If so, then you are golden.

I would definitely have atleast 6 Cories if you choose to include them.

Having 4-6 Rams in the tanks I would skip the Acara. I'd suggest choosing either or. I think the Acara might work minus the Rams.

Good luck and let us know what you decide!

40br is my fav tank size (so far).

2 planted tanks: 40g, 20g ; 38g Reef tank
My links to pics: 40g breeder planted build, 40g breeder planted update, My 38g Reef Build

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Old 10-07-2009, 12:17 AM   #3
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Thanks & kudos on your own 40gal, it looks awesome! The contrast is beautiful.

I just purchased the three gourami last night - the biggest is pestering the other two a bit but nothing bad, yet at least & I'm hopeful that it will fade when moved to the new tank. Strange that the first two I bought got along fine, never saw them fussing, but every other since than has been psychotic on some level. Though from the experience with the gourami, I know what you mean about the rams being a hit or miss! There's a picture of my 20gal now below and my plan is to include all of these plants & hopefully 2 or 3 more of similar type. I have a massive piece of driftwood, shaped rather like a tripod and may see if it will fit in the 40.

I've wanted the rams for a long time but wanting the acara is just my being pathetic & sentimental, shouldn't miss him as he probably doesn't think of me much! I'd dropped him off at an LFS before planning to upgrade my tank & just found out he's still available. If I just knew he was going to a good home. . .

Would the cory cats be too much to include with the gourami & rams? I'd also thought about the black skirt tetras but that seems like a lot - would cory cats be better than tetras, or vice versa?

Sorry for the rampant indecisiveness but I figure most everyone on here knows more than me & I don't want to mess things up.

Also, would there be any room for an angel in all of this?

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Old 10-07-2009, 11:22 PM   #4
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Just thought of something, would the standard cheap, bottom-shelf gravel be okay for the cory cats? Most descriptions I see say that they need small smooth gravel or sand. Stuff I have is smooth but kind of jagged, but it looks just like what's shown in most pictures of cories.

Also, still seeking advice on tank residents - would tetras & cories be too much to put in which dwarf gourami & Bolivian rams? Would one be better than the other?

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Old 10-09-2009, 07:38 PM   #5
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Only house rams in multiples of sexed pairs, with a tankful of juvies growing out being the exception. No more than 2 sexed pairs of adult Bolivians in that tank as far as rams go.
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40 gallon, stocking

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