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Old 10-09-2013, 06:13 AM   #1
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Kribensis in african cichlid tank

Okay so I have this 3 inch Kribensis. I bought her to go with my community tank and I didn't know when she is in breeding mode, she attacks and kills a lot of fish. So I moved her to a separate 15g tank for now alone.

I have a project 30 gallon tank. Now I was thinking of making it an all african cichlid tank with smaller 4 inch cichlids like electric yellow cichlid, rusty cichlid, auratus cichlid, sunshine peacock, blue peacock cichlid... etc.. U get what I mean smaller african cichlids.. but no other dwarf cichlids. I want to probably get all different colors and all different species. I was thinking like 5 or 6 fish in the tank to keep aggression down and make the tank look colorful.

So what do you, can a female Kribensis roll in an all 4in sized african cichlid tank and not be attacked or stressed out?

Then I can have a nice new tank, and turn the 15 gallon she is currently in.. into a little community tank. Any insight would really help me! Thanks

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Kribensis would do fine with those fish but you will need a bigger tank. You are going to have major aggression issues in that small a tank especially with the Aurutus. Peacock Cichlids get 5-6" and need at minimum a 55 gal. 75gal is recommended.

Sunshine peacocks also might not do well with electric yellows the colors are so similar the peacock might think it is a competing male. If you have two sunshine peacock males together (not recommended) one will lighten his colors showing more grey as a way of showing he is backing down. An electric yellow cant do that.

You might want to do a pair of kribnesis and possibly add a few electric yellows. full grown electric yellow should be in 50 gallon.

Jewel cichlids is a tank mate that might do well with an aggressive kribensis.

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I agree you will need a much bigger tank. At least a 55. Second I'm not sure how she will hold up in a rift tank. My guys says she's going to get shredded.
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Old 10-09-2013, 10:46 AM   #4
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While the Krib will do fine in a 30 gallon tank, the Africans you have listed, even the smaller, less aggressive electric yellows will not. Additionally, I don't believe that the Krib will be compatable with the Africans, must specifically the auratus. Auratus are extremely aggressive, regardless of tank size when mixed with other fish. Even in a 100 gallon tank overstocked with other Africans and with plenty of hiding spaces, I've had a single auratus be the lone survivor.

If you want to center the tank around the kribs, I'd look into some more appropriate river fish like Congo tetras and syndactis (sp.) catfish. IME, Kribs placed with some bigger, tougher fish make a nice community fish.
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