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Old 07-03-2007, 08:30 PM   #21
Aquarium Advice Addict
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I did not even count all the $$EXTRAS$$ Like everyone else I don't want to know.. 8O 8O
I am lucky because my Wife is the one who started all this with a 55 FW tank.. So when ever she starts into me for spending $$$ all I have to say is your the one who started this "addiction" and that ends the argument.. :P

9/02-125 REEF, 125 lbs LR,LS 4x160 VHO, Reef Devil /Sump, Fuge
7/03-55 FOWLR 60lb LR, 50 lb SD sand 2x40 NO strip light, Reef Devil/sump, Fuge

TANK PICS https://www.aquariumadvice.com/viewtopic.php?t=98202
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Old 07-03-2007, 08:33 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by lando
Okay...this has got me curious...dang you morbid curiosity!
Ahh... we drug you over to the dark side! I knew "about" where I was, but this thread got me wondering also.

This does not include any coral, fish or inverts, nor does it inclue things like refracto, books, test kits, food, salt or maintanance supplies. I think I will stop counting...
Good thing. The number I'm not posting, because it's rather embarrassing, is how much I've spent in the 9 months my tank has been up and running. Let's just say it's less than what I spend to set it up. (But not too far behind.) But then again, most of that has been startup costs associated with stocking, false-alarm purchases for potential disease treatments, and all those things I *thought* I could get by without, but eventually broke down and got. (And a few things that were just plain bad buys!) Let alone salt purchases for doing weekly water changes, and DI resin for the unit I eventually installed. It all adds up.

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Old 07-03-2007, 09:08 PM   #23
Aquarium Advice Freak
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Originally Posted by lando
Tank, stand, lights, sump, heaters, powerheads, wavemaker, RO/DI, LR and LS all total about $4450.00 for just my large reef. ...
Phew lol I was second-guessing myself with everyone posting like $2.5K and stuff for their tanks... was wondering where the heck I went wrong lol.

Originally Posted by Kurt_Nelson
The number I'm not posting, because it's rather embarrassing, is how much I've spent in the 9 months my tank has been up and running. Let's just say it's less than what I spend to set it up. (But not too far behind.)
I think I will have a heart attack if I dont tell myself I did already get the stuff I 'thought' i could get away without.
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Old 07-04-2007, 12:11 AM   #24
Aquarium Advice FINatic
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Location: NJ
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Sump (tank $75, baffles $40) 115.00
AGA 120g Reef tank 472.99
AGA Mission stand for 120g 535.99
AGA Mission Canopy for 120g 340.99
Mega Flow overflow kits (2) 79.98
Aqua C EV180 skimmer & Mag 7 pump 394.95
Supreme Mag Drive 3 pump 39.95
Supreme Mag Drive 18 pump 110.95
Supreme Mag Drive 24 pump 124.95
Rio-Volt Grounding Probe 11.95
Tunze Turbelle NanoStream Pump 96.63
Hydor Koralia 4 Circulation pump/PH (2) 95.98
Seachem Purigen 250 ml 11.99
Filter Media Bag 8” x 12” 4.00
Python 5” x 4” Net 5.69
Salifert Calcium test kit 22.95
Salifert magnesium test kit 17.95
Salifert KH/Alkalinity test kit 13.95
Salifert Iodine Test kit 31.95
Salifert Strontium test kit 35.95
API Salt Water Master test kit 17.99
Pro-Heat IC Heater 100w 24.95
Pro-Heat IC Heater 200w (shipping 3.98) 25.93
Pro-Heat IC Heater 200w 25.93
Logisys cooling fans (2) 10.46
Lunar Link Lunar lights (2) 23.80
Hose Clamps 6 pack ¾” 4.49
Hose Clamps 6 pack ½” 4.19
Mag Float (cleaning magnet – 125) 9.95
IceCap 660 Ballast 149.95
IceCap 175w Ballast (2) 219.90
Aragamax sand (210 lbs) (ship = 8.00) 160.93
Arag-Alive Fiji Pink (40 lbs) (ship = 7.99) 53.98
Coralife Power Center wave maker 29.95
Reef Crystals salt (2 - 5g buckets) 63.98
Big Digital Temp Alert
Coralife Digital Thermometer 5.59
Live Rock 63 lbs 396.00
Live Rock - 20 lbs 50.00
Live Rock - 20 lbs 40.00
Live Rock - 10 lbs 15.00
Reef Crystals salt (4 - 5g buckets) 31.99 ea 127.96
shipping 15.00
50 lbs of tonga shelf rock (base) 175.00
50 lbs of Fiji Base rock 126.00
Sailfin Tang 30.00
Coral Bandit Shrimp 10.00
Kenyan Tree (coral) 10.00
Yellow Zoo 10.00
Jumbo Cerith Snails (4) 10.00
Cerith Snails (10) 10.00
Peppermint Shrimp (2) 5.00
Emerald Crab (1) 2.50
Astraea Turbo Snail (10) 12.00
Nassarius Snails (21) 21.00
Flame Angel 57.24
Colt Coral 10.00
Green Hair Mushroom 15.00
Yellow Tang 15.00
7 corals including Toadstool, Green Bay Packers zoo, Orange Sunburst zoo, Radioactive Dragon eye zoo, Ring of Fire zoo, Watermelon zoo and 4 other zoo's. 70.00
Frogspawn coral 30.00
Orange Monty - frag 25.00
Green Monty - Frag 25.00
Blue Digi - Frag 20.00
Green Digi - Frag 20.00
Pink Birdsnest 50.00
Elkhorn - Frag 20.00
Maroon Clownfish (shipping = $4) 19.99
Coral Beauty (shipping = $4) 28.99
6 Line Wrasse (shipping = $4) 23.99
Astres Snails Turbo (20) (shipping = $4) 23.98
Nassarius Shanils black (20) (shipping = $4) 23.98

Total 4830.39

Total does not include plumbing, food, or accessories such as nets, tongs, etc.
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Old 07-09-2007, 02:04 PM   #25
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I'm at about $3k myself - 75 Gal

I'd have to say don't forget the operational costs per month. (Power, More Salt, etc)

If the wife see's this.. It's in PESO's. Shhhhhhhhhhh..
75gal Salt, 18gal Sump, Skimmer, 60lb Live Rock, 90lb Live Sand, 3 Pwrhd, 2x55w Actinic, 2x55w 10k. Guest list: Goby Green Clown, Percula Clown and entire clean up crew.
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Old 07-10-2007, 09:49 AM   #26
Aquarium Advice Freak
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I spent quite a bit of money on the electrical equipment and all the stuff inside the tank. Even though I got the tank and stand free. I try not to think about the cost and just think about how everything has turning out. Its relaxing to watch the tank.
30 gallon with 250w 14k HQI lighting
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Old 07-13-2007, 02:45 PM   #27
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Short of it ...

65 Gal tank
36" Oddysea twin artic 92watt / 12,000k day 92watts w/ 3 moon leds
Oddysea Skimmer
2 350gph Oddysea PH's
1 500w titaniam heater w/ LED readout
40lbs sand
20lbs live sand
P.O.S Hydrometer
Packaged at about 1000.00 (give or take, Plus i got 100 gift card from them which Ive used to buy some food so far)

25lbs fiji live rock ( about) 234.00
55lbs Tunga Live rock (some of it was base rock some tunga) 36lbs of base x 4.00lbs = 144.00, 19lbs good tunga x 9.00lbs = 171.00 (Ill update exact price later if I miss calculated.)
Refracotmeter - 45.00
1 150ghp AZOO PH ( used for the UV sterilizer) 9.00
1 Turbo twist 9w sterilizer - 100.00
Misc. (Timers, egg crate, testing equipment etc) hmm maybe 50.00

Grand total: 1753 give or take.. so we'll say 1800.00 ruffly.

I spose i could have gotten some of the main equipment for less by hutning on net n what not but the guys / gal at the LFS were very helpfull and I felt they earned the sale.

Current tank list
2 - Ocellaris Clownfish - Tank-Bred
1 - Blue Neon Goby - Tank-Bred
1 - Royal Gramma Basslet
8 - Blue legged hermits
7 - Scarlet Hermits (red legged, which ever, 1 is very large was misstaken for a black turbo snail
12 - Black turbo snails
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Old 07-25-2007, 01:04 PM   #28
Aquarium Advice Apprentice
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Location: Medina, Ohio
Posts: 37
OK, part of me doesn't even want to think about this, but here we go...

75 gal established tank with live rock, sand & canister filter- $400 on ebay (had to drive it 3 hours though)
Additional live sand - $50
Upgrade to Fluval 405 - $229
Protein Skimmer - $120 (and it didn't even work)
Various Powerheads - $60 (bought the cheap ones and they died)
MaxiJet Powerheads (current) - $60
Wavemaker - $90 (thought we would upgrade to corals..never did)
Hydometer (2) - $20
Heaters - $20, $30, and most recently $40 for our new one
20 gal QT and supplies - $40 (just last night too)
Lighting Units - $120
Tank Stand - $79.99
Digital Thermometer - $6
Various buckets and containers for cleaning - $25
Clear tank canopies - $25
Test kit - $25

SubTotal - $1440

Fish and Inverts
Yellow Tang - $35 (lost him 2 days ago - had him 3 years)
Blue Devil - $20
Tomato Clown - $30
Mandarin Dragonette - $40 (passed on - he was hard to keep)
6 Green Chromis - $24 (passed on - tank mates grew bigger and they just could not keep up)
Six line Wrasse - $20
Bicolor Blenny - $10 (may he rest in peace - cute little guy)
Striped Damsel - $7
Coral Beauty Angel - $30
Domino Damsel - $7
Choco Chip Starfish - $10
Emerald Crabs - $20
Various turbos and crabs over the past 4 years - $200 (Lesson learned: Don't buy snails and crabs from "some guy on ebay")

SubTotal $453

Grand Total $1893 (not including RO water from local Clearwater supplier, salt, food and other little things)

Or hundreds in shipping from Live Aquaria and numerous trips to LFS.

Ironically, this doesn't seem as bad as I thought it would be, but still so much $$$. I don't think I have spent that much on my cat over the past 7 years. Poor little guy is getting shorted by some fish.

*Sigh* We are truly insane!!
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Old 07-25-2007, 04:00 PM   #29
Aquarium Advice Activist
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Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 150
210 gallon glass tank with two overflows - $800
Overflow kit - $100
Stand (built by my fiance to save money) - $250
Canopy (also built by my fiance) - $75
Berlin Turbo Classic protein skimmer - $200
All-Glass model 4 sump - $360
Mag Drive 2400 pump - $150
Turbo Twist 18 watt UV sterilizer - $140
Compact flourescent lighting - $300
250 watt Stealth heater - $20
The Filter Guys Ocean +1 75gpd RO/DI 6 stage filter - $300
Aquatec 8800 pump - $100

250 pounds of live rock - $1,500
250+ pounds of live sand - $200

4" Magestic angelfish - $150 (got her 50% off though!)
4.5" Emperor angelfish - $150
22" Snowflake eel - $170
8" Volitan lionfish - $80
5" Dogface pufferfish - $70
5" Spiny box pufferfish - $80
5" Harlequin tuskfish - $110
3" Lawnmower blenny - $25
2" Cleaner wrasse - $30
2 Mexican turbo snails - $20

Fish that are no longer with us:
4 giant hermit crabs - $80 (3 eaten)
Cowry snail - $20 (eaten)
Antennata lionfish - $35 (refused to eat)
Two volitan lionfish - $70 (refused to eat)
Picasso triggerfish - $30 (given away - too aggressive)
Snowflake eel - $30 (died for unknown reasons)
Spiny box pufferfish - $80 (velvet)
12 urchins - $250 (all but 1 eaten)
Gold headed goby - $20 (eaten by Snowflake eel)
Tiger goby - $20 (went through the sump then when found and put back in main tank was almost immediately killed by trigger)
Clean up crew - $200 (mostly eaten)

5 gallon buckets (10) - $50
4 nets of various sizes - $20
Water syphon - $15
Algae scraper - $18
Misc (feeding sticks, etc) - $40
Air pump, tubing, valves, bubble wand - $60
Powerheads - $30

Current tank and fish = $5,613
Tank and fish (including deceased) = $6,448

Not including any salt, food, vitaments, supplements, and anything I forgot.

EDIT: Every time I think about this thread I keep remembering things I forgot. Glass tops, power strips, lunar lights, seaweed clip, battery operated back up airpumps, testing kits, timers, extension cords, GFI outlets, pvc plumbing, media bags with GAC and Purigen, automatic feeders, egg-crate top, glass cleaner, etc which cost probably about $500 for all the "little stuff" I left off. And now I remember why I don't have beer money... we're still in college.

Oh yeah and I have a 30 gallon FOWLR tank upstairs and I just spent $600 today to buy a 24 gallon nano reef. I need to hire someone to stop me from spending more on my fish!

So my best guess for my 210g is $7,000. For the other two saltwater and my freshwater tank... probably a little shy of $10,000 all spent within the last year.
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Old 08-10-2007, 02:46 PM   #30
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$1,487 on a new 60gl discus tank with press. CO2/controller, UV Sterilizer, AH SUpply lighting and too much other stuff. Don't have the discus yet, just a bunch of asst tetras, pleco, catfish, live amazon type plants, etc. Nothing big. Just now getting the 3D background (a la SULLA) to stabilize (2 months +).
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Old 08-10-2007, 05:57 PM   #31
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I used my old 29 gallon tank?
rena filter free
jager heater 20$
cf lighting 80$
built my own stand 75$
one power head free
one 20$
40 pounds sand 30$
live rock 300$
livestock so far 45$
misc stuff prob 75$
645$ Im doing pretty well so far
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Old 08-10-2007, 10:45 PM   #32
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My god I did this exercise to myself about a year ago...I think I still have some of what I spent floating around on a credit card somewhere..For my 72 gal drilled reef with custom sump I spent 2k fast...That was just upgrading to the big boy tank.

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