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Old 04-14-2014, 12:36 AM   #1
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10g Stocking Concerns

Hello all!

I somehow managed to get my best friend hooked on the hobby and we're now planning out her very first tank - a 10g. She has very limited space and unfortunately that is the biggest she's able to go right now.

As you might imagine, the small tank size poses a challenge for stocking. I've been reading up on which fish would be appropriate and of course I'm getting conflicting information, so here I am to ask the people with first-hand experience!

The tank will be planted, heated, and will have an AquaClear 30 for filtration. The only fish she's certain she wants are panda corydoras, at least 4 of them.

So, questions:
- Is it possible to keep guppies happy and healthy in a 10g tank? If so, how many?
- Will penguin tetras eat red cherry shrimp?
- Will guppies eat red cherry shrimp?
- What WON'T eat red cherry shrimp?
- What sort of stocking would you suggest?
- What are the best fish to be kept in small tanks?

She's open to pretty much anything. Thanks in advance!

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Otos wont eat the shrimp due to otos are legit vegie eaters. The tetras and the adults guppies might in some cases. Good hidding spot would reduce the rate but they will still get eatin if small. Guppies tend to breed like gottens. Or rabbits some may say. Guppies ratio are about 1 male : 3 females. If theyre adults guppies breed about every 4-6 weeks. In my case. You can overly crowed your tank with a male and a female guppy. If you have shrimp then just have an otos or 2 to eat algae, neon tetras (5). That should be about it. You dont want too much fish and have high amonia level.

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Old 04-14-2014, 01:25 AM   #3
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Tons of java moss and a small piece of driftwood for the shrimp and the shrimp fry to hide in and around. I've got some frogbit floating in the top. They seem to like to hang out in the roots that hang down
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10g Stocking Concerns

Pretty much any fish except for otos will take advantage of any baby shrimp that falls their way, but many nano fish will leave the adults alone.

Here are some good nano fish for a 10g you can research:

Celestial pearl danios
Emerald rasboras
Chili rasboras (or any micro rasbora)
Spotted blue eyed rainbows
Norman's lampeye killifish
Clown killies
Least killifish
Scarlet badis
Dwarf puffers
Sparkling gourami
Ember tetras
Pygmy cories

Also, arguably, many people agree that the following could also work:

Harlequin rasboras
Neon tetras
Glow light tetras
Honey gourami
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Old 04-14-2014, 04:53 AM   #5
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Platys ,balloon mollys,black skirts,

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Foxyhasswag all of those ^
would do better in a larger tank.

As far as an RCS tank, just Otos if you want to enjoy the babies.
Panda Cories need more floor space. The 3 pygmy species would work. C habrosus is the only bottom swimmer. The other 2 species are midwater but all 3 are adorable.

Nano species are a lot cleaner in a small tank. Male Endlers aren't bad either. Just skip female Livebearers to avoid a population explosion.

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stock, stocking

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