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Camallanus Worm Drama

The short version: About 2 weeks ago I discovered camallanus worms in my whole tank and have tried treating with several medications. Then switching to Angels Plus medicated flakes deworming 1 and when that didn't work, deworming 2. They are still not seemingly going away (still red worms hanging out of the fish). What else can I try??

The specifics:
3.5 weeks ago - three fish randomly die- they get very bloated, then immediately VERY skinny, then die.
3 weeks ago - notice red worms hanging out of Paradise Gourami. Immediately fly into action. Treat the tank with API parasite guard. And begin extensive research.
2.5 weeks ago - after research, decide to treat with fenbendazole from LFS and use frozen bloodworms treated with the powder and a bit of Epsom salt. The fish all but refuse to eat the worms treated with the meds. Try soaking algae pellets that they love in medication; same result. Tried instead treating the whole tank with the fish bendazole powder. No one dies, but worms are now visible in more fish and original fish does not seem to be improving.
2 weeks ago - Decide to order medicated flakes from Angels Plus to see if they can deliver medication better.
12 days ago - receive deworming 1 (fenbendazole) and deworming 3 (levamisole) flakes. Begin treatment with deworming 1 per instructions (every other day for 5 feedings with no food in between).
3 days ago - fish are still infested. Feed normal flakes and some blood worms and algae pellets in preparation for deworming 3.
2 days ago - begin deworming 3 per instructions.
Today - the worms seem like they're further out of the fish but not falling off/out (or maybe they are and these are new worms and I'm missing them coming out?). Fish are all pooping okay, don't seem bloated. Don't seem lethargic or sick.

Note that interspersed through this time were about 5 water changes with gravel vacuum and water parameter checks and one filter media change. All parameters reading just fine.

I'm pretty sure the worms came from some snails I added to my tank. They died during the first fenbendazole treatment and have been removed. Other fish include: 2 angels, 1 opal gourami, 1 paradise gourami, 1 albino bristlenose, 3 black mollies, 2 white lyretail mollies, 3 platies (two of which are babies from some of the dead fish).

What else can I do??? How do I know if it's working or not??

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Well i used the dog dewormer. Fenbendazole i think i was 1 gram packets. What i did was divided up the packet into 4 zipper bags. I have a 20 gallon tank.
I did a water change every Sunday night and added the fenben to my water bucket and filled tank. I changed it 75% each sunday for 4 weeks total. Then 2 water changes week 5.

my stock was only 3 guppies and 3 swordtail and i think 3 cherry red shrimp. At the time i couldn't really afford to replace my whole tank it is heavily planted.

I was going to try the food next but they way i did treatment worked well for me. I haven't had any return.

One female guppy and one female swordtail died. But only one was during treatment. The one that i believe was the culprit.

Good luck.

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ram, worm

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